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  1. I've lost count how many times I've attempted to breed my silver tinsel with an aether wyvern with the hopes of receiving a tinsel. Not once. Not one time. It either fails or gives me yet another aether. I've been trying to repay a debt for over a year with this.
  2. Well I'm super late. Haven't gotten a CB one yet and probably won't for a while this late after the release. Bred one of the new volcano ones, though.
  3. It's always the one day I don't check that something new happens lmao. So I'm a day late but I'm egg locked with two each of four new CBs. I need the ones from the alpine, so hopefully they'll be dropping still when I get a couple eggs to hatch, then I'll worry about the new hybrids. The hatchlings all look so cute! Beautiful sprites as always from the artists.
  4. Missed the whole first day because of work, only got 50. Oh well, I suppose. There's some really cool ones this year.
  5. Aaa, I never get the upside down egg. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky next year. Love the new sprites, I'm dying
  6. I'm also having this problem now. I wasn't at first when I was on mobile, but when I came back to my computer, I couldn't move things on the tree.
  7. I was having better luck when the eggs were broken lol. Got 5 so far.
  8. Whoever made it so I can look at previous rounds that I missed, THANK YOU. That was driving me crazy.
  9. Got three of each ^^ I'm excited to see what these look like
  10. Got my first one...guess you could say I found a legg?
  11. I thought about joining this game, but unfortunately I had a pretty bad experience so I may never. These are very very pretty dragons, though. Wonderful artist, I have a few of her art books. The prettyness is kind of making me reconsider lol
  12. I've never done 3D modelling. Or been to art school, for that matter lol. I like pixel style games since I'm not that confident with picking up 3D stuff. I have some Unity learning tools, so I was thinking of looking into it.
  13. I've been tossing around an idea in my head for a while, I just haven't had the time to sit down and learn how to use certain game engines. I just do art that I wish I could do game stuff with instead.
  14. Aww, I'm sad I didn't finish in time. Oh well, maybe next time ^^
  15. This event is so cute! I got Tsoko to ask me to go to the dance with him, super sweet. I gotta try the other storylines now. I never expected to play a VN on dragoncave 🤣
  16. This year's Valentine's Day dragon is by far my favorite. <3 Good job to the artist(s)!
  17. If Id known they weren't gonna be flooding the cave as much in the morning, I wouldve stayed up later last night trying to get the Forest and Volcano variants... TT~TT
  18. It looks like the sprites have been touched up since the replacements were first put up and they look even better now. Also digging the name/description change. I think I'd pair these with Witchlights, personally. Or Cavern Lurkers...
  19. Mine are "Violet Spyrol"get it And since I'm bad at names, the other is "Violet Goldleaf" Because violet. I dunno. As for the sprite issue, I honestly like the new ones better. Maybe because I hadn't seen the old ones at the time. But something is off about the old ones to me. They look like a reference to something familiar but I can't place it. I think the new ones are just fine and not a "knock-off". That's a pretty rude thing to say. I've had to rush to finish projects to meet a deadline and it's not fun at all. It's awful. And then thinking their work is crap, that's just not fair to the spriter. They did what they could and I think it looks like it fits in more with the rest of the site than the old ones. ~View links removed, please remember to use /lineage/ in your links instead of /view/ for growing dragons.~
  20. Does anyone know how to fix it so I can actually do the firewood quest? It locks up every time I talk to Hilde.
  21. The firewood quest is a little bugged for me. I talk to Hilde and when she's about the give me the firewood, it freezes and I can't do anything. Refreshing isn't working either.
  22. Happy Halloween! I am now egg locked with the new eggies.