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  1. Do eggs lose views now when you drop them? I haven't seen this before but I've been gone for a bit. Lately I've grabbed a few eggs from AP that are incuhatchable but no views?? Is this something recent? or were they maybe just too young to put in a viewer before dropped so just happened to not have views? a little worried because they are getting views quickly which is great for hatching but within about an hour of hatching the hatchies are getting sick
  2. Can't even see them Nothing is visible in any of the biomes at all. Just'you expect to see some eggs...'yada yada yada
  3. thanks for the feedback on mine! i really appreciate it (a lot) yours is awesomely red and white! I had thought to try to do a completely "candy cane" just all of it red and white so i'm biased, i really like yours *grin*
  4. i based mine on the houses on the isle of Berk cause they have Draaaaaagons http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Specksilver
  5. Ragin' Cajun code = BAYu PXao code = PXao punch bug code = VWWf (v w = bug) Golden Exit code = EXHt Silw code = SilW Silver Aggie code = AG73 Strawberry Snog code = snQG Vydjet code = vYJT Ruby Qubbix code = QbBX K' qoh code = kqoh Four Wheel Drive code =8n4v (v8 is a type of engine) S U V code = su89 (mate to four wheel drive)