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  1. I was here a lot, refreshed a lot, as was hunting in ap as well as looking specifically for the eggs,  have to say they did not show up every 15 minutes like clockwork for me, dont know if its my connection or what but only managed to find about 40 and i actually was trying. Didnt realize it was over already, came in early to hunt more thinking we had one more day, my time sense is all out of whack lol But yeah another day would be great!


  2. Yes, didnt help. Still not sure what caused it but it finally just cleared up. Signed out and back in too, didnt solve.

    Signed out and in again just now, loaded error page instead of dragons, not scrolling to bottom of menu properly either had to switch to portrait to see " sign out" no idea why but hitting refresh this time loaded scroll.


    No idea what caused it. Seemed like site lag at first. 


    Its working correctly now, thankfully!

    Thanks for responding! 


  3. The rest of the menu links work fine but when i click the word dragons to go to my scroll i get the "error has occurred" page, it started this morning during the wall of hatchies in ap, i thought maybe it was just site lag, so i just went to take of things elsewhere.


    i just tried again now, still getting the same error? I can view my scroll if i click on scroll name from dragon page but it views as outside not from scroll perspective?


    anyone having issues? Whats going on?

  4. You must be correct! I got an offer on a trade last night and sure enough the bell was back this morning!! Thank you all for your help!! Im so glad we got this all figured out! Hope it helps others!! Than k You ALL for helping!! I appreciate it more than you know!!

  5. Im on an Amazon fire tablet which uses silk browser. I used the link above to notifications page and it says i have no new notifications for the last seven days but my history shows the activity and my active trades


    It just suddenly stopped it was working with hollow bell - no notifications before


    I think i tried cache cleaning but let me do that and rebooting 


    Its still not back as of this morni ng and i have an active trade.



  6. As of this morning when i came in and refreshed my scroll as usual, the notifications icon (bell shape in top right corner) is gone? 


    Got used to checking for them so its been missed. Anyone else? Searched before posting but didnt see any mentions anywhere. 

    Anyone else notice? Happen to anyone else?

     Glitching for some reason?



  7. On 7/10/2018 at 1:45 PM, Jazeki said:

    Yeah. We can't unlock their names until TJ puts them in the encyclopedia. You can always check the news thread on the forum or the wiki for info whenever a new dragon is released though. 

    ETA: truffles are also new and don't have their name on the site yet.


    Actually i searched them just a couple hours ago, was surprised as i hadnt seen them in encyclopedia , until today!


  8. They say adult raised 1, so it sees them the stages were unlocked but then the eggs werent so i spent hours tracking down yellow and purple ones and actually clicking on the eggs to view them and it didnt unlock them. I was exhausted . When i came back i saw the response about clicking through to lineage then clicking back to view from there. 


    so i did last night actually typing in to get to lineage page, clicking back to view pages and it actually did not even raise thecount went i went back to encyclopedia to check to see if it at least acknowledged what i was doing but it hadnt changed. I went back this morning the number of views hasnt changed.


    ive tried typing in lineage going to view which clicks on an egg

    ive tried clicking from viewers to go to a scroll and clicking that way

    its not registering that i even tried

    i dont know what to do next.

    so now i cant even look them up i n the market i had to hunt through viewers but most trades are not putting eggs in viewers!! 



    i hope this helps? Cause im just ready to just give up its not like i was actively looking for one to trade to get i actually was trying to look up a trade to view the eggs. So much for that idea.

    I come here to get away from frustration not add to it.






  9. Trust me ive noticed Fuzzbucket and im like you it took me ages to track down eggs! I was exhausted from docs and lab work and whatall then realized i had to hunt eggs all over again



    heather its spotty some hatchlings unlocked but not eggs all over again. Sorry i dont have anyway to screenshot and upload. Sorry it took me a while to see this

  10. All of the dino eggs info are all glitched for me.Ive observed several of each color yet there has been no link on the egg page to even look at encyclopedia so it thi nks i havent seen any


    its particular ly annoying when i loaded viewers specifically to go observe 5 of each attempting to unlock them in the trade hub 


    Theres no response from the encyclopedia at all which means no way of unlocking market or trading hub


    this iis frustrating. I spent two hours clicking eggs and solved nothing

  11. 6 minutes ago, purplehaze said:

    Maybe having a short description box for the creature being offered, so it doesn't all have to go in the "want" box would help solve both of these? 


    I would like to see the item's lineage page rather than its view page if I click on the image in the listing.

    What about boxes to check off? Like options as mentioned box cb box 1-5 box 5-15 ,whatever if there were a box to tick it would avoid the ",hmmm is this short medium or long"? What is one persons short/medium could be someone else's long depending on experience or dragons on scroll? It would be better to have sets of numbers then opinions on length.



    i have some purebreds seventh and eight gen and other breeds people never seem to have heard of purebred!

  12. On 5/23/2018 at 8:02 AM, Fuzzbucket said:



    I'm the third. And I have logic.I like them all to feel valued, so I (try to) use them in strict rotation XD 


    A filter for time left would be nice - or a sort by time left. I can wait - I know there are actual bugs need sporting, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Fourth or whichever the count is up to and for the exact same reason, i like my dragons to feel useful! Its good for scroll morale!

  13. Im on silk browser on amazon fire tablet and everything was fine last night

    as of this morning there are so many glitches its freaky


    the x by the naming box isnt there

    none of the drop down are working

    select dragons to add to group not working 

    also cannot create new group due to the same issue, cant choose a dragon to create it

    bsa filter 

    breeding filters

    i havent had this many issues since i cant even remember when


  14. Same here just tried to setup a group and the select a dragon did not load at all


    Also the x next to the naming box has stopped showing up!


    Im on amazon fire tablet with silk browser if that info helps


    Everything was working last night seems to have started after maintenance this morning?


  15. Not chrome im on silk browser because i have an amazon tablet. It doesnt allow a lot of other apps to work on it since that would be competitors


    But ive been using it right along. This only started after 3am maintenance?


  16. While I was naming a dragon this morning noticed the x wasnt next to the box, didnt show up while i was typing 

    Hit enter on the name and got the "ink disappears" name already in use message

     when i tried a new name same thing

    I named dragon last night and it was there.

    This is a helpful little tool any ideas whats up?

  17. I *just* tried to accept a bred red egg from a friend and it told me i was full but i have 7/8 eggs as well, its telling me i have 24/24 growing but its inaccurate. I've counted and had someone else count to be certain. Counting eggs and hatchlings there are 22 not 24.  Does the count update automatically or hourly ?


    One dragon just grew and i froze a hatchling a few minutes ago.


    I logged out and logged back in to see if it might help but no luck.

    Its still showing 24/24 and ive recounted to be certain.


     when i saw thread thought to post here instead of questions, thought it might be related?

  18. Okay this is driving me batty, i was fine until i noticed it, now its like that 'cant unsee it' i used to edit. A lot.


    has *anyone* else noticed the description is backwards?!?! 


    This egg is yellow with orange speckling.

    but if you look at the image 

    Sorry i dont know how to add it to a post or i would!


    The base and majority are orange and the top left is yellow, making it visually orange with yellow speckling!

    Though the adult sprites are mostly yellow with orange speckling on their backs and very puppy esk dragons 👍 thumbs up on that

  19. Did any of the April fools sprites get archived or saved somewhere? I meant to save the greenie version of the wrapping wing they were gorgeous! I had the link but the images are 404