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  1. S.O.P.A. Admit it. We're ALL afraid of SOPA.
  2. Nezumi stopped in front of the main entrance. Rorora grabbed her arm and pulled her in.
  3. Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree, OMGI'MONFIREAHHHHHH!!!!
  4. When I was in Pre-K, I had all kinds of dreams about dinosaurs. I'm surprised that I remember THAT much.
  5. My dad and I have debates on gay rights ALL the time. I say this: "If you love someone, go ahead. It's not my business if you're a homosexual or not." I'm a girl, so I tend to think with my heart. :3
  6. I'm OBSESSED with this show. I even have an OC for it.
  7. ((Thinking on starting a Trigun RP. You watch?)) ((Shall we skip to the point?)) Sora and Siren felt tense as they finally approached Orochimaru's lair. Inate swung her stick into a sword. Nezumi took a deep breath. Rorora fiddled with her tail. Inate nodded to Sasori.
  8. While Trick or Treating, there was a guy wearing a shirt that said 'Brony' and had Rainbow's shiloete and a Zombie mask. I walked up to him and said: "You can eat my flesh in 10 seconds flat"
  9. ((I like little random techno bits.)) Inate opened her downloaded music file. People gave the group strange looks. "Maybe I should save that for later."
  10. ((I has a sick. T.T)) Inate sighed out of boredom. "How 'bout some catchy music in foreign languages?" Nezumi shrugged. "Depends on the language. What do you have in mind?" "Swedish. DotA by Basshunter." (( ))