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Is Bouncy_Pineapple on Gaia, Piney on Magistream, and probably Piney anywhere else.Always looking for 6th gen stairstep tinsels I don't have or nice EG lineages! See my profile! Now looking for Halloween mates!I take IOUs!Scroll! Wish List

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    Tinsel list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkluOvgF29GYdGFuQ0dJak1GUGRPNGpick5JNW5YS3c

    Lineages list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkluOvgF29GYdDBUWXUxdVd6NllaWHBoTi1jc29hLUE

    The remaining tinsels I need:

    Abby (silver)
    Booo (silver)
    Cha0s (silver)
    Patxaran (silver)
    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr (bronze)
    Bronze Ivy (bronze)
    Darkrose (bronze)
    F-bomb (bronze)
    Hypnotizing (bronze)
    San Victorus (bronze)
    Tanoth the Dragon King (bronze)

    And any of the 2012 tinsels!

    Looking for mates for my Halloween dragon!
    -Pygmy from CB Pumpkin father and CB Pygmy mother (they refused ugh)

    -Golden wyvern from CB Marrow father and CB Golden Wyvern mother

    -Royal Blue from CB Shadowwalker father and CB Royal Blue mother
    -Ice from CB Ice father and CB Shadowwalker mother
    -Royal Blue from CB Royal Blue father and CB Shadowwalker mother
    -Silver from CB Shadowwalker father and CB Silver mother
    -Tsunami from CB Tsunami father and CB Shadowwalker mother