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  1. There's no news topic and it's completely the wrong time of the month for a new release, so I don't know what's up. EDIT: Thanks, lovecats99!
  2. Yep, holidaykin are definitely dropping now in the AP. I picked up something gorgeous: thanks so much to the breeder of this egg.
  3. I was late to this because of a very busy Easter. I'm breeding now; I hope someone finds what they need (or at least a pretty shiny!) out of my batch.
  4. Oh hey, that one's mine! I'm pretty sure you won't have too much trouble finding a mate for it at Christmas if you stalk the AP and the forums, especially if you don't mind if one Solstice has blue wings only. There are a lot of people doing the GoN checker.
  5. Ooh, yes. I already caught another Lurker from the AP, and I'm hoping I can catch more eggs once my other eggs hatch. I bred some eggs (neat Lurker checkers and 2G Desipis eggs) on Hallowe'en, and I'm guessing others have done the same. Given the current time on the AP, they should be showing up tomorrow sometime, I think?
  6. Probably, yes. If I remember correctly, Christmas and Valentines drops last three days, not just one. So there's more than enough time to catch those two eggs for yourself after you drop more into the AP for others.
  7. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! (I can do a two-way trade both ways if someone is egglocked but can help).
  8. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  9. Don't mind me, just clearing out some of the waverunner wall. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Chalkboard Forum Name: Chalkboard Dragons releasing/released: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iwjC6 http://dragcave.net/lineage/0pP67 http://dragcave.net/lineage/jiu3e http://dragcave.net/lineage/rpNBq yoissy: I'm afraid that isn't the right password (unless I'm missing something here). Please re-read the thread's rules and try again!
  10. I've been catching them pretty easily, though I keep seeing trades from people wanting to swap genders or biomes for Alpine eggs. I don't think it's worth hanging onto unless you want to help someone out with a swap.
  11. Glad to hear you got another Gold and have a shot at making that checker! ------- I've had a lot of breeding success lately, in kind of weird ways, which I'll just share here for anyone who wants to click on lineages forever. FINALLY an AoD from Seragamma (who refused her mate but I can actually get a bloodswap for that!) Purple Nebula from Silver who gave me no egg this week... but also no refusal. Carmine Wyvern from Anagallis which maybe you'd be surprised at, but it took me ages to breed this. Copper from Ember - it's literally been nine months since I started breeding that pair for her. Ice from Terrae - on the third try! Terrae from Ridgewing, please don't refuse your mate! Copper from Tidal (I KNOW) Ridgewing from GoN as a mate for him Ice from Moonstone Black from Green Plus some interesting codes: H00TZ, Kyriq + TJZoO, KEroU, Pyyht (FIGHT), ipEWS, AyrXa (aaalmost Arya).
  12. It looks like this is the actual dragon with the name Hello World and different dates on the profile, so I am not betting on the existence of a dragon with the old Gold sprite based on these samples. I think TJ was either using mod magic or photoshop magic. That said, I've been using mobile for a while and I'm glad it's getting an update! There was a time when I couldn't view the forums from my phone and whatever happened to fix that... good. Like most other people on here I'm half-nervous and half-excited to see the Silver sprites. I really hope they keep the same/similar pose and the style of their tails, as those are what I love about them. Same for the accent colours as ADP mentioned. Very curious to see which other dragons are getting some change, too!
  13. This wiki says that Spirit Wards will produce Avatars of Creation, but I'm unable to find a source: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Avatar_breeding
  14. You're very welcome! I'm planning on dropping a Silver Lunar from that pair in the AP, and naming the parents (hopefully soon, I have a huge backlog though). dhorne: I've found them a lot easier to steal from the Cave in the last week that I've been trying, but never found a CB Xeno in the AP as far as I can remember. Congrats! My thanks go to all those people who drop CB Hellfires and Anagallis into the AP so I can get another pair or two for breeding. I also found this stunning Waterhorse, I hope breeding a mate won't be too hard.
  15. Missed one in the Forest (or Jungle, not sure anymore) even though I somehow recognized it immediately and clicked like crazy.
  16. 1,589 children, almost one per adult. My Wrapping Wing Eddie named after a character in a fictional book, has the most children at 17. I actually think this is because of a multiclutch at Christmas and because I breed commons for people who want them, off-season.
  17. Ah, okay, thanks Vhale! And congratulations, tishavara!
  18. Ahhh, I only just realized this myself. Guess I should've done as last time and bred without entering, just in case. :v I would be alright with continuing the line with something else, like Vines -- but could I ask, if someone who doesn't own a CB Frill wins, would we be allowed to forfeit or gift to another participant who has one?
  19. Seconding this. I'm pretty sure view pages don't show the added day while the egg is in the AP but not showing, since I've tried to get an autoabandoned egg back too. That egg still has over 5 days left with that extra day, meaning it'll appear about... 10, 12 hours from now. I hope you get your copper back! c:
  20. Hey, welcome back, great to see you again! No worries about leaving me to things, though I have had some trouble finding time as things get busier at school. I am gonna have a few bad weeks starting next week, so... you have great timing, hahah. Draconiusultamius: Definitely counts. Welcome to the Evil Project! I only just updated, so don't feel you need to wait until the next update to start your sinister work.
  21. I honestly wonder why people do that. Why offer a messy Gemshard on my trade when I asked for a specific something-else? And why offer it again after I reject that so it doesn't sit there? I mean, there was a post in one of these threads a while ago by someone who accidentally accepted a bred egg in exchange for a CB egg, when they'd asked for a swap of the same breed with a higher time, because they hadn't checked before accepting. So I can't help but think some people are doing it on purpose. That, and I've accidentally accepted an offer myself.
  22. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Ticket Numbers Desired: 5000, 2500, 7500, 1250, 6250, 8750, 3750, 625, 3333
  23. Dragoniclove123: The form isn't asking for your actual DC/forums password, please read the rules and repost your form. Same goes for HopSketch and Draconiusultamius, we can't accept your form unless it has some form of proof you read the rules.
  24. I made a quick mock-up for this and wow, you're right! I might do a big checker with this, hahah. I've already started working on one big even-gen which has all CBs as Gold Heralds, all 2Gs as Bronze Heralds, and so on until there's just one Silver Herald baby. Probably will take a lot less time than the Blusang checker to get all the babies. I'm also gonna see about trying a checker with Royal Blues and Blue and Silver Heralds.