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I often take/make IOUs.


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    Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/Chalkboard

    I don't kill or earthquake my eggs. If you see dead eggs (likely ridgewings) they were failed biting attempts, but I do those very rarely. I name all of my dragons when I can.

    IOUs owed to me:
    none! :D

    IOUs owed by me:

    To breed (for gifting):
    Bloodswap at Valentine's Day - SotD

    If I'm not egglocked at any given time, I'd be happy to help with others' lineages. What I can breed is in the GDoc linked to in my signature; I ask only that if you ask for something, you pick up the egg promptly.
    If I breed eggs for you and they miscolour or misgender, please send them back to me instead of chucking them into the AP, if you aren't keeping the hatchlings and I have space.
    At the moment, I'm back at med school and may take a couple of days to reply to a message, but I'll do my best.

    3rd gen checker mates for my Hallowe'ens:
    * M Brimstone x F Shadow Walker
    * M Red x F Shadow Walker

    Other mates:
    * 3G Magma from M Red x F Magma
    * 2G Gold from M Trihorn x F Gold
    * 2G Gold from M White x F Gold
    * 2G Purple Nebula from M Nebula x F Silver
    * 2G Brown Copper from M Copper x F Magma

    If you have anything of the above, and I have something you want (in a trade or on my scroll) let me know if you want to trade for it.