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2ep1y1f.png - Apparently the saying is a bit off... the sixty-third time's a charm! Just to get the first one...

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    Dragon Personals Board:

    Holiday dragons seeking:
    * 2nd gen Swallowtail from Male Swallowtail x Female Holly (been looking since Christmas 2013 -sigh-)
    * 2nd gen Gold from Alt Sweetling (x 2) - not from I Rarely Hug, oOo ChaDoNam oOo, Natao, Earn Heart, Feardorch-S, The Admiral's Dress Blacks, Sweetly Twisted Tease, Valentine Los Vagus
    * 2nd gen White from Alt Sweetling (x 2) - unrelated to Sweetling Licorice or g24Y (and ideally not to 5m5GY)
    * 2nd gen Royal Crimson from Alt Sweetling
    * 2nd gen Red from Alt Sweetling (x 2)
    * 2nd gen Silver from Alt Sweetling
    * 2nd gen Stripe from Alt Sweetling - unrelated to Iso Chocolate
    * 2nd gen Red Nebula from Alt Sweetling (unrelated to EXosL)
    * 3rd Gen Gray - female Gray x Heartseeker checker
    * 2nd Gen Purple Nebula from Purple Nebula x Shadow Walker
    * 3rd Gen Purple Nebula from Purple Nebula x Shadow Walker (x 3)
    * 2nd Gen Red Nebula from Red Nebula x Shadow Walker (x 2)
    * 3rd Gen Green Nebula - Green Nebula x Shadow Walker checker
    * 3rd Gen Gray - male Gray x female Shadow Walker checker
    * 2nd Gen Magi from female Shadow Walker (x 2)
    * 3rd Gen Magi from male Shadow Walker x female magi
    * 3rd Gen Whiptail from male Whiptail x female Shadow Walker
    * 2nd Gen Guardian from Yulebuck
    * 2nd Gen White from Yulebuck
    * 3rd Gen Royal Crimson - Yulebuck x Royal Crimson checker
    * 3rd Gen Red - Yulebuck x Red checker
    * 3rd Gen Gray - Gray x Solstice Checker (blue wing)
    * 3rd Gen Pillow - Pillow x Solstice Checker (blue wing)
    * 3rd Gen Black - Black x Solstice Checker (rose wing)

    Non-Holidays Seeking...
    * 2 Silver gentlemen seek 2nd gen blusangs from female blusang
    * Silver lady seeks 3rd Gen Green Copper from male Green copper x female Silver checker
    * Gold Gentleman seeks 5th Gen Red Nebula x Gold Checker (unrelated to Fi5cD)

    -- I will rebreed nebulae that color wrong if you will as well (and I'm wary of accepting eggs/ungendered nebulae, especially when I'm offering one that is already shown its colors. Not exactly fair if you get a right color one and I end up with one I can't use, is it?)

    On hold for yet another year. Didn't get any new blood except what I managed to find in the AP the last two years...
    Autumns from:
    * male gold x female autumn checkers (3rd gen & higher -- need a 3rd Gen)
    * male autumn x female gold checkers (3rd gen & higher)
    * male Magi x female Autumn (2nd Gen & higher, 4th/5th especially)