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  1. I just got 3800 gems to buy a Gold Dragon from the market, after failing for 5 YEARS to get one. The price just went up to 3900. I'm also an idiot who had no internet on the 14th and didn't get a Valentines Day egg. Again.
  2. I don't think actual birthdays would be a good idea. But an optional dragon (or even a leetle tree or badge) you can claim that changes for as many years as you've been on Dragon Cave for? That would be cool.
  3. I'll have another look. If I can't work it out, I'll just work around it, no worries. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi Ruby, I've done all that, it still happens unfortunately. I can use Dragon Cave in Edge, which I'd rather not do, but worst case scenario I'll just do that to do mass changes to my dragons.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been having a small problem lately. Whenever I click on Forums from the home page, it creates a new tab which immediately closes. This also happens throughout the forums (took me 4 attempts to get here as clicking on the Help subforum kept on closing itself) where clicking a link in a new tab will automatically close the new tab, and it happens rather regularly when I open dragons on my scroll in a new tab (e.g. so I can rename my new hatchlings). This means I have to click on each dragon, do what I want to do then go back to my scroll and go to the next dragon. I'm using the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10. I'm also using Ghostery and uBlock Origin but both are turned off for Dragon Cave. Thank you.
  6. I just somehow got two CB Nebulas and a CB Black, holy Bahrag. Fingers crossed the Nebulas turn out to be the colours I don't have yet.
  7. I swear, maybe I'm just retarded, but I can't even leave the nest. What am I supposed to do?
  8. Eh, I attracted a white dragon. Wanted a nebula dragon. Or, well, anything but a white dragon. 60/56/40/0/0
  9. Bloody hell, I managed to grab my own CB Black dragon from the cave! Even after a three second delay.
  10. Lava streams are no place to raise a family! Needs more gold coins though.
  11. I'm surprised I managed to get the name Phovos again after a long absence.
  12. I want Nebula dragons in every colour of the rainbow. Peferably CB ones.
  13. My CB Magma Dragon has attracted a copper dragon with 30 shinies and 30 magic but she wants meat. Adding 30 meat doesn't satisfy her.
  14. Picking up a billion Blacks with awful lineages.
  15. I caught a CB Black dragon. From the Abandoned Eggs page.
  16. They're cool dragons. Also, just looked at TJ's sig. MEDIC!
  17. So these things are back? I just found one in the Cave.
  18. There are a lot of abandoned eggs in the AP sometimes, and some of them just sit there for hours because they're eggs no one cares about, a very common breed, or inbred or long, complicated lineages or whatever reason that might be. Rarer eggs though may only appear for a second before disappearing. So, do we help out those dragon eggs? Do we give them some views before letting them off again? Do we pick them up anyway? Well, I do, kinda. I have a lot of Vampire dragons. About 60, I think, all CB vampires apart from my first. So, if I see one of these eggs, I pick it up and bite it. Sadly, some of them die, but that is unavoidable. But even if the egg turns and stays on my scroll, I'll abandon it anyway. That way, someone out there gets a vampire dragon, and that egg doesn't die or be abandoned forever. My sister goes one step further. She only picks up eggs from the AP, making sure they all get homes. Is this a bad thing though? I don't think so. What do you do to make sure unwanted eggs get a home?
  19. In the last week or so, I have had 4 bites (all gifted away ), 3 repulsed (although that's a good thing for me. I take abandoned eggs, bite them then send them back for others) and two deaths.
  20. I remember one was a Black and one was a CB purple Dorsal dragon with the name Tromera.