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  1. Hurray for Egg Drop Soup being back up
  2. Good luck fixing it! It's a great site and I'm having a hard time waiting patiently for it to come back up
  3. Now everything works perfect again
  4. When I try to add my scroll right now, it takes me to the /index2.php page with a message "404 not found". Guess you are still working on stuff
  5. Before I have forgotten : Daydream, Magi, Mint, Whiptail
  6. This is an excellent idea! ^^ I'd love to have a description of my own cave! As DoogieRace wrote, 100 characters is really restricting. Come on, even Twitter allows 150 chars per message
  7. Here is the link: http://greg-kennedy.com/dragcave/tools/index.html Insert your scroll name in the Scroll Stats field, click "Check me!" and then scroll to the bottom of the new page.
  8. Love the sig image with the stats! And the soup is great!