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  1. mostly I just miss the s1 hatchies . . . #thatisall
  2. *whispers* The TJ has spoken.
  3. 3rd gen RA/Green hatchie - great code (SkMP4) https://dragcave.net/teleport/e135742fcb0d8...26087e0c18cffe5 yw, capeta 3rd gen RA/Pyro hatchie - another great code (SHLEE) https://dragcave.net/teleport/585d0eae55136...bdecefb2b045770 yw Kegluneq!
  4. 2g RA from gold - pretty, but I don't have any female CB golds https://dragcave.net/teleport/a5b8027f9c08a...edd875b5dfd802b Kegluneq - glad to hear!
  5. ooh ooh me! me! me! name will be . . . i dunno yet, but me!
  6. Now I'm stuck in the mill.
  7. didn't someone go on a date with the spider?
  8. you can't lick the horse - i tried that already lolz. as for the wall, i can help in (looks at eggs) about 2 hrs. i still haven't gotten my purple shinies
  9. I've got the good ol laggy lag blues...
  10. Potatoes. We ate a lot of potatoes as a kid for this very reason. There is actually a good amount of vitamin C in them if you eat the skins.
  11. The Drakes are especially well done. I like them all though.
  12. 2 hours, I tell ya. TWO!
  13. OH THANK YOU! this has been driving me crazy, because I USED to know it but lost the address with a computer switch.
  14. What's the html address to look up dragons by name?
  15. dude speaking of killer lag
  16. the leaf litters look pretty sweet
  17. lilch

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    I do, and no, they don't.
  18. lilch

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    ohhhh these are hot
  19. I hate when you get the same egg twice
  20. gosh, got my two already . . . surprising!
  21. well that's an interesting color