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  1. I managed to breed seven gold eggs...two sent to the AP for those who wanted and needed a purty purty golden boy or girl and the other five I kept. That's one more than my last biggest total which, at the time was six gold eggs bred. Happiness is the successful breeding(s) of any rare dragon.
  2. For once the fertility bsa seemed to work on a breeding I really wanted (or it was just dumb luck) but oh the shiny I loves it anyway. https://dragcave.net/lineage/of1H1
  3. I love it when my golds finally decide to work together and actually breed. I love all things shiny and this is so shiny. https://dragcave.net/lineage/u6PEP
  4. My crazy making black stripe lineage pursuit (how many have I sent to the AP that weren't the right color - the answer is lots) finally has made some headway. https://dragcave.net/lineage/jyU2s
  5. My two 4th gen black stripes outright refused each other. It is so hard to try for a fifth gen black stripe lineage without them snubbing each other. Erk.
  6. I managed to breed seven gold eggs today *my previous record had been six*. All solid gold lineages the ones I kept where three third gens, a fourth and fifth gen. Two I donated to the abandoned page in the hope that someone who doesn't have a gold (or little amount) can use them. Awesome.
  7. This is one of my black stripe lineage(s) and these are fun but most often an exercise in futility. I love Black Stripes and have tried to get nothing but them on a lineage (after the CB level starts them) but breeding Black Stripe X Black Stripe to produce another Black Stripe egg...eesh I've produced a lot of reds, greens whites that end up going to the abandoned page. But this time I was lucky. https://dragcave.net/lineage/8h89Y Also produced some more all gold lineages: https://dragcave.net/lineage/3zTzO https://dragcave.net/lineage/jwcSl This makes me a happy camper. 🤩 Edit: wrong lineage fixed now
  8. Produced an fifth generation lineage that was inbred *head desk* which proves never breed when tired but.. then I made a third and fourth gen as well. I hope this breeding trend keeps up so I can successfully breed some of longer lineaged golds. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IIb6o https://dragcave.net/lineage/8ATGR
  9. I produced another fourth generation gold lineage (the most I have is fifth generation right now). https://dragcave.net/lineage/zf5kA I'll have to have new bloodlines to continue on in building my gold lineage but I think I can trade without a problem. I know lots of people have probably done better but my goal is to have a tenth generation sold gold lineage which will make me do *happy dance* Edit: Oops I do have a sixth gen solid gold lineage. I wasn't looking through every one of them.
  10. Right now I've only been working on two..purebred gold lineages I've only gotten to six gen at the moment (enough said) as well as using white stripes to create (first gen naturally are CB white stripes) and then black stripes because I want to have a solid black stripe lineage. Tricky as a lot of the whitexwhite stripe breedings don't produce black stripes. I'll keep on trucking though as they used to say. The whites at the base of the lineage look cool as it goes all black after that. I believe, at the moment the best I have been able to produce is a fourth gen lineage.
  11. Wowser...best Gold breeding binge ever. I produced six gold eggs (one went to AP because I made a mistake on the lineage). Pure blood gold lineages of 3, 3, 5, 4, 3 generations. Most I'd ever bred before I think was two and I considered myself lucky then. 😃
  12. I too am among the older members ars I joined in 2009 myself. Sometimes I was off for a couple of months but no longer than that. I think the vampires helped to suck me in (bad pun there) as I thought they were the most unique idea on DC. Of course all the games on the major holidays helped also. 😄
  13. Ugh, not caught one so far. I must be getting old and slow. Okay maybe I'll wait until later in the morning and, in the meantime, go make some zombies.
  14. I have finally caught another CB Silver (from coast). I couldn't believe my eyes at first and quickly picked it up. I literally hadn't *seen* either a CB Gold or Silver in YEARS. Happiness is catching something that is worthwhile to either trade or keep.
  15. I was gifted by the lovely Frankenweenie a Neglected hatchie that I found in my inbox this morning. It was at 1 day 23 hours so it was so lucky I checked my messages. What a wonderful and unexpected gift. And it grew up and gendered male. I am smiles all around today. Thank you again for such a special gift.
  16. OH my gosh. I took on a black stripes lineage that I'd been working on forever trying to get the little beasties to produce another black stripe but, today, I finally made it to fourth gen.... https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZOR0s
  17. This was my lucky day I managed to catch TWO Indigo Lunar Heralds. Obviously my foul luck in 2017 might be finally coming to an end in 2018.
  18. On one of my newly created vampires I saw this code and cracked up. "https://dragcave.net/view/OMGlb"
  19. Just fun fact for me - as of this morning I have 3,333 adult dragons on board. Seems like just yesterday I was struggling to get fifty!
  20. Trying either to produce and/or catch an egg worthy of trading for another neglected dragon and never seeming to get it. No luck, no how, no where. to that streak of bad luck.
  21. Another impossible demand is to have yet another new bsa added to a common breed that, like precognition, sees ahead of time what a particular breeding pair of stripes will produce. I'm trying to produce black stripes and I can go on and on producing the unwanted colors for both 2nd gen and third gen breedings (as far as I've gotten) Now I'd say that's good for DC players but on the AP incredibly frustrating to kick five or more unwanted colors before I finally give up for the day.
  22. Having yet another freaking Zyumorph egg require ridiculous amounts of views before it will hatch and then, of course, it's sick. Seriously? Seriously? Everyone of mine has ended up in the same situation whether it gets sick while still an egg or then as soon as it goes hatchie. I only place them on AoND and keep a close watch (on any of my eggs/hatchies really after the view bombing incident(s) over the Holidays) and it takes way too many views to finally crack and move on to happy hatchiedom. Was this particular breed made that way or is it just a run of my bad luck?
  23. Caught a Silver Lunar Herald from Alpine (about time!) so happy there and also caught a zyumorph on Desert (kind of blundered into that one but Yay!).
  24. Bred an alt Undine for the first time in a long time. Got another CB Stripe which I'm going to use in, hopefully, working on a lineage to produce black stripes up from the founding CB's (tricky, very tricky have only gotten to third gen on a few) so I need as many CB stripes as possible to work with.
  25. I just moved to Maryland in July 2017 (opted for early requirement due to physical issues) and first thing looked into getting a puppy now that I have the time to devote to one. I put down a deposit on a Bernedoodle 1/2 Bernese Mountain Dog, 1/2 Poodle. The pups were born December 12th 2017 and I will pick at six weeks and then pick up around Valentine's day. As I don't know this state well I'm not aware where dog friendly hotels/sites/activities might be found. I live in the suburbs to the north and slightly west of Baltimore. Any ideas? Please and thank you Maryland dog lovers.