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  1. Okay, I think mine's done. Here it is.
  2. What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage? [ ] Winter Magis [ ] Ribbon Dancers [ ] Snowangels [ ] Yulebucks [x] Hollies (Naturally a nice lineage would be awesome, but I'd be happy with catching anything) What are you planning on breeding your Christmas dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they? Feel free to use the AoND Lineage Viewer to show us what the offspring will look like! Winter Magis: Maybe my gold? Iduuno Ribbon Dancers: Snowangels: Yulebucks: Hollies: Haha I wish Are you planning on gift
  3. I have to pick dragons, but unicorns are pretty cool. My group of friends has a complicated unicorn set of rules pertaining to colors and powers and stuff.
  4. I just realized that I managed to nab, pre Latula, the dragon name Knight of Mind. Rad. EDIT: MEEP MEEP MEEP I GOT HEIR OF DOOM TOO SOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAD DOES ANYONE WANT OFFSPRING? EDIT: Okay so at least they didn't refuse. Still, I feel strangely happy to breed them even if I don't ship much.
  5. ((Hint; be Mituna, after conversing with Cronus, when you open the box with the Ahab's Crosshairs. While the message stays the same, it just feels so much better .))
  6. I think it's safe to say that the Homestuck fandom is awesome, not just in size but in sheer devotion and overall coolness. Also, adventure game = supermegarificallycooltastical. Good job. And the video. Sooo cool.
  7. Update yay! Supposedly there will be a few more installments (maybe with the rest of them) but I'm kind of aching for a regular-ish few pages a day thing again D:. Still, alpha trolls . I love them.
  8. I think I support this. It would open up lots of new options for breeding, especially of dragons with scroll limits. Most of the complaints could be solved by turning off for your scroll. And if it's a bit easier to breed cool lineages, this means more and maybe even more elaborate lineages (and can you just imagine purebred tinsels?) DC would be a prettier place. As for now the arguments for it are making a lot more sense than the arguments against it, but I may be missing something, so I think I may lurk a bit.
  9. Kill it, or else the disease will infect the other eggs. How do I request a dragon?
  10. A mythical being envisioned as a crossover between Dragon Cave and My Little Pony. Are there ever new dragons?
  11. A running forum gag. DC stands for, you guessed it, the District of Columbia, as a shortening of the name of the capitol of the USA. This became a joke after the event on Independence Day, when people started complaining about how the event was American specific, and some other people thought that that was a kind of stupid complaint and made even trolly-er posts, sarcastically stating that Dragon Cave was practically the capitol of America, and so sometimes people use DC as synonymous with Dragon Cave. What does CB mean?
  12. Because dragon cave is set in prehistoric times. How do I name a dragon?
  13. PD: You say that with an exited smiley? PD: How hypocritical. anniePimm has been banned from responding to memo.
  14. Because you have to have at least a 5 in the creativity attribute to name those. WHY ARE RARE DRAGONS SO RARE?!?!?!?!/!11?!
  15. Apparently not gluten . Just got results back in that regard.
  16. And so the end of Homestuck will kill the internet. And it will be glorious.
  17. It's actually really cool. You see, it reads your brain input for what you think the dragon species would look like. You do! It says I have to wait to breed my dragons! What should I do?
  18. Banned because the cheese dragons are a lie.
  19. I can't tell you where it is, but you have to find the secret trading post (Hint: http://dinocave.net/trading) Why can't I breed dinos?