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> Examine List PD: I am always looking for CB blacks, Cb stripes, Metallics, and, less reasonably, I will forever love a CB neglected, CB silver, or Holly IOUYou will have to consider gifting these items, or at least offer them in trade for offspring of the poster's lovely dragons.> Pick up scrollYou are sure the dragons held by this scroll are quite spectacular. You simply must look!> Inquire About Offspring of DragonsIt seems that this poster doesn't mind asking her to breed you dragons! Wonderful! However, rarer dragons might require bartering. You figure you should just ask if you want something!

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    The -platinum-draco-, usually called Pt, is seen in Forum Games, where it likes to lurk around CPA, Video Games, and occasionally, Site Discussion. It has the ability to manipulate shadows and is rumored to be able to shape-shift into anything, although it is mostly seen as a black tiger. It can also see in the dark. Beware; this creature may sound harmless, but it is very deadly and is known to play with its prey before it kills it, like a cat.