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  1. I should add, being the one whining about math, that I AM on track to get all the eggs myself... But it's still a pain and I'm having to basically work my entire evening two evenings in a row for it. Honestly, I feel that this greatly diminishes the point of the event: it should be FUN to collect the eggs, not a chore to desperately scramble to race to get them all before the deadline. It doesn't have to be easy to get them all, just reasonable.
  2. The longer intervals between drops are definitely problematic. Let's look a this mathematically! Say someone has family obligations on Sunday, so most of the day they're out of the house and in places where they probably won't be able to even check on mobile. Let's give them 10 eggs and otherwise call the day a wash. That's one day down and 50+ eggs to go. Now say our hypothetical person works a typical 8 hour day, AND has at least some commute to and from work, AND works a job where playing on sites like this (whether on your phone or otherwise) is frowned upon, if not outright impossible. Which is going to cover a fair number of users! So, including commute, lunch, etc, that's about 10 hours dedicated to job, plus 8 hours to sleep, leaving a grand total of 6 hours left in the day to attempt to get the eggs. Now, if the eggs are dropping at EXACTLY 10 minute intervals, and our person is always able to grab them right the moment the drop (maybe they set a timer?) that means they can get 6 eggs per hour or about 36 eggs each day, approximately. So... enough time, right? Oh, but wait! We forgot to account for meal times, bathing, chores, basically doing anything else at all for the duration of the event. Which seems pretty unlikely to me! What does this mean? Well, instead of that nice 6 hours per day to egg hunt, our hypothetical person, if they're really good, has maybe closer to 4. So around 24 eggs each day, or 48 for both. Add in the 10 we gave them for Sunday and that's a total of 58, AND that's assuming they put a reasonable effort towards it. Gee, that's kinda harsh, isn't it? Now, if the egg drop timer were back to what it were in the original few years, where it was about every 5 minutes, that's literally half the time and thus double the eggs. Now, our hypothetical person only needs to spend, oh, maybe half of their evening two days in a row, and they should be able to obtain all the eggs with a little effort. You still can't phone it in, you have to TRY, but at least it's fair.
  3. Alright, hid my eggs JUST so I could come in here and and comment on this... I can't say for sure, but I strongly suspect the viewbombers are using a combination of grabbing from forum users' scroll links and possibly just plain nabbing eggs off of hatcheries, probably via bot/script of some sort. Why do I say this? Because I filled up with 8 eggs and have been sitting with them on my scroll, unfogged, for nearly an hour, and not a single one of them received a single view. On the other hand, the two hatchlings I currently have in just one hatchery both now have over 3k views apiece, which might be partly due to increased traffic to those sites, but I'm not entirely convinced. Both of the hatchlings have over a full day to go before growing up, too, and their views/unique views are at or surpassing the totals of the adult dragons I have of the same species (and using the same hatchery). Unfortunately, I can't actually say with 100% certainty that the hatchlings' views aren't just a fluke, however, as I wasn't actually paying attention to their numbers when checking on my scroll periodically to see if my eggs had started accumulating views. I just noticed it later, thought that huh, that's interesting, and figured this info might be worthwhile. I wonder if there's any other lurkers who've avoided viewbombing simply by having empty scrolls at the start of release/not posting on the forums? It would be useful to know to help narrow down the source.
  4. The site seems to be deleting/removing fogged eggs/hatchlings from the hatchery when they're updated instead of however it usually handles them. Note how in the stats it lists 0 for fogged eggs currently on the site, as they've all been removed.
  5. Is it just me, or is the Hatchigarden section of the site failing to refresh properly? No matter what I do it's always showing the same set of hatchlings, even though the eggs refresh to a new random set just fine...
  6. Actually I just realized they are, in fact, SLIGHTLY different. Keep looking and you'll spot the difference sooner or later....
  7. Huh, one of my formerly invisible treats appears to be the same as an existing one...? That is, I have two of one treat showing up.
  8. Make that TWO broken image treats for me!
  9. Wow, how on earth did you manage that?
  10. So I did some number crunching, and realized that the best HP deal per square is the Tall Ice Tower, which gives you 6 HP per square (as each tower takes up one square). This slightly edges out Large Ice Keep, which has 20 HP spread across 4 squares, averaging to 5 HP per square. Now, there's 16 squares to each side, meaning there's a total of 256 squares on the board (16 x 16). If you build a tall ice tower on each one, that would give you a total of 1536 HP (256 x 6), which is therefore the maximum possible HP. ...of course, it would COST 1536 snow to build that many towers, not including repairs along the way, so whether or not anyone will actually test this.....
  11. It depends on what you put in your fort! Each item you build has a fixed amount of HP it gives you, so if you want a lot of HP, you'd need to build things that give you lots of it.
  12. I like it! I can't wait to see the final product..... Barring more minor tweaking, I think mine is more or less done!
  13. Haha, yeah, there isn't much space, is there... Maybe just put towers where the gates would be? And then an open archway for Shiganshina. (and the space between the first two walls can be filled with dragons and snowmen....)
  14. Ha! I can totally see what you're going for there. Do you plan on putting a gate in the middle of each wall, too?
  15. Still tweaking/adding to it, especially the stuff in the middle, but mine's definitely starting to shape up.
  16. I seriously could not believe that Flame Champion wasn't taken--just snagged it for a magma!
  17. I'll have you know it took me AGES to get all the duplicates deposited into my PC after that, sigh. But yes THE POINT IS absurdly over-complicated things usually aren't actually the answer. If one exists, it's simple! Therefore, I don't think the "special" flowers have anything to do with sending flowers to certain users or anything, because that's too complicated and hard to figure out.
  18. Or all the starters, or eevee, etc... Ahhh yes, that good old glitch. I remember the time I accidentally duplicated my Old Rod.......
  19. Nope, but people sure are gung-ho about trying to find some secret trick that is, from the looks of this discussion so far. Kind of like the oldschool pokemon cheat rumors: "beat the elite 4 100 times!" "fill up the pokedex, then use strength on the truck in the harbor!" etc....
  20. You're correct. She's a grass-type gym leader from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. More on topic, though, I'm still suspecting that the key to that flower has to do with something far simpler than a convoluted process of gifting the right flowers to the right people or such...
  21. Even assuming the name is based on Japanese, I don't think either of those are remotely accurately. There's a small but significant difference between it being "tta" and "ta", after all, and in Japanese that can make all the difference in the world for a word meaning, similar to how the spelling of "their", "there", and "they're" changes the meanings entirely in English. And incidentally, "shikata" (仕方) is a word on its own in Japanese. It roughly means "way" or "method".
  22. The "skipping" comments from shikaru were referencing something another user said in this thread (I can't remember username or exactly where) asking if she was "skipping around the questions" or something to that effect.
  23. I'm curious, we've had reports of the flower showing up in peoples' vases, but does anyone have it as an option to send? And if so, have any of those people done anything notable? Namely, gifting one of the new valentines dragons, which I suspect may be connected to it... Though honestly, I'm more interested in finding out how to have it as an option to send to people, I couldn't care less what's actually in my own vase.
  24. You know, given that the hatchlings are described as giving things to people... I wonder if it has to do with gifting the holiday dragons. Although trading doesn't work--already tried that with a friend to swap eggs and no luck.