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  1. Although only 2/3 of these two eggs are most interesting, I managed a snag a couple of the newest Halloween eggs with "fuN74" and "dmPBJ". Now I'm tempted to make a few PBJ sandwiches for work this weekend.
  2. What another great Halloween event this year. As a fan of tower defense games, our minigame sure kept me busy these past few days, trying out both serious and crazy setups to see how long they can endure the zombies. Hope y'all had a splendid Halloween last night, munching on your candy while watching old spooky films with your buddies (I know I would do that). It sure got super chilly where I live in Texas.
  3. I am surprised that folks are still scrambling to snatch these new eggs at this time. Normally I wait until everyone has scooped up their new holiday eggs and it's easy pickings for me.
  4. This is how far my army persevered until I finally admitted defeat. Zombies completely annihilated the left side and that's how they eventually reached the base. I feel that RNG was on my side for some time.
  5. An update to my previous post, although I can still snag one more egg, I feel content enough with what I managed to scoop up. Birthday gifts from yesterday til today was a Golden Floret, a Thalassa Xeno, a Green Dino, one Ice, Magma and Thunder, and finally a chicken.
  6. I didn't let my army of vampires go too far before I grew bored. I think I got through to 50 or so levels and I had about 2/3's of my vampires left. I was hoping that the vampires would be able to move into zombie territory to eventually fill the entire board, although somebody would have to disappear to make room for the next zombie. That happened in Plants vs. Zombies with the zombies' tombstones. Right now I just started a more serious strategy which is quite similar to most other poster's here.
  7. Decided a crazy strategy of going all vampire on these zombies. Time to see how long that lasts.
  8. Whelp, my interesting setup mentioned in the previous page got me to as far as level 55 before my tower was rampaged. I did lose a green, a healer, and one of my goldfish towards the top of the map, but at least I got some neat experience from all this. Sometimes it seemed the zombies were more eager to get a bite out of the snack that smiles.
  9. Instead it ended up being more of another endurance experiment. I'll keep going until I do eventually lose to see how far I'll prevail. At least the zombies don't stack on top of each other, which was something else I feared from playing Plants vs. Zombies. No pumpkin dragons to hurl pumpkins at these zombies though.
  10. So far I've been following Shadowdrake's layout example to help farm experience, with the addition of some healers and vine dragons. I was not expecting this layout to last as long as it should've; even the Magi hasn't done anything yet.
  11. So last year I snatched a blue dino egg as a birthday gift to myself. Today I nabbed a couple early birthday presents, including a green dino egg. Hopefully tomorrow will bring other neat surprises.
  12. As a little birthday gift to myself, I was able to snag a blue dino egg a few hours ago.
  13. As I searched for another musky to add to my collection, I was chilling at the Alpine (pun not intended) when the eggs were being reset on the dot. I immediately read an egg description I haven't seen in a long time, like close to seven years to be exact. Despite my hesitation to snatch it I was still fast, thus nabbing my fourth chicken.
  14. Too bad my frozen hatchies aren't green as most everyone else, and I noticed not all dragons currently have the mint-green fever. I really love my new mint marshmallow peeps (my chickens).
  15. After picking up a couple Valentine eggs from the AP, I was checking out their lineages. As it turns out, one of the 3G Arsani eggs actually has a pair of grandparents that belong to me. That was a neat little surprise.
  16. Every time I do the Tetris puzzles, all I can think of is the theme song. In fact I found a 10-hour long version of that song on youtube. Takes me back to when I used to play Tetris on my Gameboy while on the way to school every morning.
  17. I mainly use Valley Sherwood as well, followed by either Silvi's or TheEvina's draghatch if I feel my babies aren't gaining enough views in time. In my experience I find Valley Sherwood good enough to even stick in brand new eggs, as they won't gain views too quickly and over time they'll earn just enough to hatch at the 4-day mark. I haven't fully tested if Valley is all that a newborn dragon will need until adulthood, although things do seem a little slow when they're babies.
  18. Haven't gotten any CB holiday eggs yet, but while browsing through the other biomes I was able to snatch a CB magma, a CB red zyumorph and a CB pink xenowyrm. Both the zyumorph and the xenowyrm are my first CB's of their respective color scheme, so I'm rather content.
  19. The tragic feel when somebody decides to kill one the holly eggs I bred earlier today. Sure is discouraging enough to not breed anything again, and I very rarely do so nowadays.
  20. Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. I had a wave of nostalgia the instant I found the Carmen Sandiego egg.
  22. Earlier today, I wondered if this year's April Fool's joke would somehow involve the Celestial dragon, since it became a legitimate release on the same day last year. Anyway, it took me a couple tries to get the upside-down Mint, and I'll probably keep it for the sake of the prank. After all, the Mint was one of the first four dragons I obtained.
  23. Emerald Mint Dreamer, my male mint with a deceased father. Chesera, my female purple (back when there were only females). Surfside, my male water. Soaronimbus, my male daydream. I have my dragons sorted to where it's determined when I got that particular species before the next, and each specie is combined into one group regardless of whenever I obtained more of them. I remember when I was new to Dragon Cave the green and the frill dragon eggs were quite abundant in the AP, so I avoided getting those for a while until I felt I snatched every other dragon I could.
  24. rachii.xo, if you're having problems with getting too many views on your dragons, you may want to go to your account settings to turn off "accept aid from others" and even enable the check to hide your scroll. Also, immediately fog eggs as soon as you get them and wait it out a couple days until they're about ready for the ER.
  25. While snooping around the other biomes a little while ago, I managed to snag my first CB Chrono Xenowyrm from the forest and a pink Pyralspite. The Pyralspite will also gender correctly but I had to influence the Chrono to make sure it'll be female. Now I'm currently egg-locked with them, four Tetras and a blue gem, which I'm plenty content with.