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  1. and then there's the big drop at every whole hour patience my dear
  2. of course there will be lag... pay a second to how many people are actually online at the moment the release pops up.. even if you do it straight after the maintenance there'll be lag if only for the sole fact that it'll shoot up from like 200 people online to 600 people online (tho it's easier hitting up more cause I think we've seen it be 800 something once already) and if you have a slow connection or other obligations on that day, would it really matter that much if you have it a few hours earlier? I mean, get up an hour earlier the next day.. problem solved... you won't hear me complain, by the time the release hits cave I'll be OMW home and then I need to go to bed cause I have to get up at 5.30am to go to work only to get home at 5.15pm meaning I'm about 100% sure to miss the release... will I hate it? no cause people will breed the eggs and I'll just grab one from the abandoned pile so the cave won't get blocked PLUS those poor babies don't need to die
  3. I actually find it quite logic to do it after a maintenance. At least you can be about sure that the server will be up and running during the drop if you just had maintenance (as it usually shows if there's problems on server or not, you see?) so doing it AFTER the maintenance, instead of before lets you 1. have a safe heart that the possibility of the server dying during the drop is LOW and 2. you won't have people complain about the fact that the cave is down during the drop as it has been down before the actual drop started... is it just me who's happy that the maintenance happens first and then the drop or what? Oo
  4. Saruwatari

    Donation Meter

    well TJ did say the meter is fixed, so it's save to say it was bugged and thus not visible to everyone
  5. Saruwatari

    Donation Meter

    This meter is a monthly meter, so for January it is empty The previous meter was for December thus it is back to 0% now
  6. Saruwatari

    Donation Meter

    if you donate via paypal it will change the currency to whatever the recepient is using, so basically yes you can donate in your own currency (unless you mean zelda rupees then you can't >3)
  7. Have a happy Halloween everyone!!!
  8. I'm allergic to potatoes :']
  9. Her Dark Embrace (rock) They are friends of mine, with their first video released 40 minutes ago!!! the link is actually in my signature in case there is someone interested :3
  10. best birthday gift evah!!! >3 *runs to cave*
  11. just when you think it can't get any worse.. Plushies addiction has now grown by 200%
  12. black butler, also known as: Kuroshitsuji :3
  13. dragons be like: ooooh oooooh ooooooooooh catnip oh yeah oooh yeah must, oh I must... noh I MUST >3
  14. I so wanna call dibs on the upper right=and upper left corner >3 yaknowwhy>3
  15. congrats in advance <3 if I ever get myself to propely translate my own book to be we should definetly chat about it a bit :3
  16. Oooh do like!!! I want I want I want <3
  17. subtitles for sure :'] I do NOT like the Dutch language at all...
  18. oooh you'll do great I'm sure!!!!
  19. oh my gosh <3333 so pretty Sharleh >3