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  1. Thanks a ton TJ! Edit: Second page! Closest I've ever been to TJ's first post!
  2. Well...that's that. I've got all 38! Woot! Well, now for some very much-needed sleep... But first, I wanted to say goodbye to everyone until the 9th of April. I'm going away on a camping trip! Feel free to stop by my scroll and check out my Easter eggies! Ttfn, ta-ta for now! *Tigger chuckle*
  3. That can easily be observed by reading the date of the first post!
  4. Yes!!! Just one more needed: Then I can finally get to sleep!
  5. Four more precious eggs to find, then I can finally get some sleep! Fan art anyone?
  6. Yay! I've got 31 so far! I don't believe I said this either! Thanks to everyone who made the eggs, concocted the idea for the event...just, thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation of this phenomenal event!
  7. Whoa, I was playing a flash game as I read this. O.O
  8. You do know that that code only worked once; when you clicked it? If you type http://dragcave.net/easterget/6OMG , it will send you to your Basket, without adding the egg. Please stop that anyway; it's kinda annoying.
  9. It's cause we've either been on DC longer than you have, or you haven't had your DC window active. Other than that, check this out, look where I found Egg #26!:
  10. Woot! Just noticed that Egg #25 gave me the last-but-coolest basket link: Yay!
  11. 25 down, 13 left! Too bad I still haven't had the privilege to gaze upon the elusive blue egg with the gold chain in my own basket...yet! I'm hoping #26 will be the blue egg with the gold chain! It is my favourite and absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Look where I found Egg #24!: Lol!
  13. I found one on the first dragon on my scroll
  14. Don't worry, you have tomorrow too!
  15. I have 20 eggs to go! Just 20! Well, at least I know by multiplying 20 x 12 and then dividing that by 60 that I only have 4 more hours left until I have all of them! Edit: By the way, what does this 'avatar' egg everyone's speaking of look like?
  16. Yay! Found the swan egg as my 15th!
  17. Yay! Got this rather plain but still beautiful egg: Click it to see my eggs!
  18. I hope nothing happens regarding eggie rewards (unless they're handed out to users who aren't on as well) till the 9th! That's when I get back home from camp! Lol Next drop in 5 minutes, but I have to eat soon! D:
  19. Yay! Got the funky black and blue Aztec-y one! Next drop for me at xx:28!
  20. You're lucky you even have eight! You know, some people only have one or two, and a lot of people don't have any! I myself have 5! Woot! Only 33 more to go!
  21. The eggs are simply gorgeous. Every one of them! <3 Too bad I have to get them all today; I'm going camping tomorrow till the 9th!
  22. Wow...I found my 5th one while looking at my own eggs! Lol!
  23. Just got a beautiful egg that reminds me of a sunset: 4 eggs so far! 34 left to go!
  24. I found my third egg while admiring yours!