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  1. 5eg Gold egg (https://dragcave.net/lineage/PMihE) https://dragcave.net/teleport/47ac76dad0143...b1abbb4fb6e6467
  2. *snickers* Mine are just "a Cermorvus" and "a Fluffbutt."
  3. Question - more of a hypothesis really. If a person were to get vindictive-like (and I'm not referring to me), and they started reporting other people's posts just because they were annoying THEM, then would that be a reason for THEM to get warning points or whatever they're called?
  4. 2g RA hatchling from Silver (I need the space) Yw, BlueMint
  5. 3rd gen hatchling Sweetling/Pink checker YW, rabbit153!
  6. 2g Mutamores are almost easier to find than 2g Rosebuds, I can just about say.
  7. That's okay. I found one with negative generations the other day. Now if only I could remember which one it was now . . .
  8. Anyone else have problems with the site loading?
  9. Ohh. The Tarantula Hawk Drake is hot.
  10. I got that Egypt vibe too. Thought it might just be me.
  11. I keep thinking of vultures, myself.
  12. I require more Halloween flooding.
  13. They look a bit like vultures.