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  1. I like having the news on the front page. Does seem a bit cramped but very convenient
  2. sorry! i tried but all of my thunders gave the wrong eggs hopefully someone else can help soon.
  3. i wish there was a grace period where the seeds stop appearing but we still have a day to finish growing & sending them. I'd be sad if I had a cool one almost ready to be sent that just went poof when it ends.
  4. looking at the pretty examples on the first page the red stripe really stood out for me. i think the ideal would be if someone had a cb red stripe (from an honorable mention prize). the following year's mate would probably have to be red from cb white stripe parents so it wouldn't perfectly match..but i like it!
  5. well, i managed to snag one pretty before the site went down. hopefully it will work soon so we can all have lots of pretty new eggs!
  6. Super excited to see what our new dragons look like! I also really like the flower idea so to whomever came up with it: I'm sending an psychic hug your way. I do like decorating for the other events but I really love the valentine's day events cuz we get to send to each other yupyup. Hopefully we all get lots of full vases of pretties! Going to sleep now that I've sent out at least a dozen of them to people.
  7. getting pretty tired and was about to give up for the night when i realized that "last egg" before bed actually was the last egg...* yays for 42/42! good night & thanks to everyone who helped make some extra pretty eggs again for us this year
  8. i think im gonna give up. this is starting to feel to much like Valentine's Day release 2010 where I click ALL day & didn't get a single egg. i have 1 shimmer which is one less than what I want but at least i have something. just too frustrated to keep trying right now. good luck to everyone who hasn't gotten their eggs yet! hopefully the people who already have several will run out of room on their scrolls & your chances will improve with more trades or less hunters
  9. yupyup I got two moonlight eggs there so if you are still trying for those hunt in the AP
  10. still no success on grabbing shimmer egg but at least this time when a Gold appeared right under my mouse I actually remembered to try & click. still didnt get it tho
  11. saw another metallic go by at the hour drop. this time it was a silver. kinda feeling like the site hates me today
  12. wow u just need 1 more golden & u will have enough for two breeding pairs each. lucky!
  13. the hour drop lasted a lil longer this time but I still didn't manage to get a gold shiny egg. really wanted 1 more so i could have a breeding pair. then it wouldn't matter if i got zero more eggs cuz i could make more. then i would stop & there would be one less person hunting for them. oh well, I will just have to make sure my internet doesn't die around the next release & i wont have to feel so frustrated like I did this time.
  14. *shrugs* its was for me at the :25 and :30 drops. maybe it will go away again
  15. cave appears to be blocked again. it needs to decide cuz I'm getting confused
  16. Yeah...I've passed on a lot of good eggs that are hard to get but I did know that I could get them eventually but I can't believe I missed a metallic. That's only the second one I have ever seen in the cave
  17. I actually hesitated when I saw that too. Very sad! It was not what I had my brain programed to look for right now & I missed even a chance to click on it.
  18. yay! now have one of each so i can go to sleep happy. would have preferred 2 of each but i do have to actually have a functioning brain tomorrow so sleep needs to happen. good luck to everyone else who is still hunting! (& to the people still hunting after they have a whole bunch already: go to sleep & give the rest who don't have any yet a chance)
  19. anyone know if they are going to stick around after this? i would be seriously sad if i missed out & didn't get even one. EDIT: I take it back. just got a blue one in the AP Thank you to whoever it was that dropped it!!!
  20. Finally have internet again after several long long days without & I had a feeling I should check for dragons...figures a new release would happen then. at least they are still dropping frequently enough for me to try - so far no luck tho. haven't manged a single new egg but I'm gonna keep trying for a little bit longer & maybe get lucky
  21. wow easiest holiday ever. seriously only like 2 seconds per egg and i was done. and the only reason it took two was because my comp is loading slower than normal lately. didnt even have to try at the half hour or hour mark. so awesome. now i cant wait to see what they look like! gonna incubate one so i can know sooner
  22. i really wish i could keep some of the dragons with the alternative coloring - so pretty!