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  1. Sometimes I know things I shouldn't. Although that rarely happpens nowadays. There was a period where I could put myself in a sort of semi-trancelike state and predict die rolls. I can't explain it. Maybe it was a side-effect of my psychosis, although I don't know how that would work. I get deja vu a lot. Sometimes it's pretty strong. Sometimes I even get compound deja vu, which really makes my head spin. When I was little, I shared a room with my little sister. My big sister lived in the room next door. One night my big sister and I had the same dream, and we each remembered seeing each other. In the dream, I heard a commotion outside my room, so I opened it and saw my sister, who had ran on to the ceiling to escape what was chasing her. Also, my Mum and my big sister have both confirmed that me and my little sister used to talk to each other in our sleep. We would often share dreams as well, but not to the extent of the example I gave. My little sister will sometimes dream about accidents or disasters a day or two before they happen. For example, once she dreamed that Coldplay had died in a plane crash. When we woke up, she told me about it, and when we watched the morning news there had been a plane crash in which four people had died. She also dreamt about that bombing in Russia (was it in a train station?) that happened about a year ago, two nights before it happened. I don't know how to explain these events, and they happen rarely and are impossible to predict, so I just label them "unexplained" and carry on as normal. There's nothing immediately threatening about them, and they don't affect normal life at all (apart from making me feel weird or uneasy for a short while), so I reckon I don't need an answer. Edit: Oh yeah, and I can wiggle my ears. I can also wiggle my left one independantly of my right, but not my right of my left. That is a super-power, right?
  2. I usually drink water (or Irn Bru). When it comes to cola, I generally by own-brand stuff partly because it's cheaper. I try to avoid buying Coca-Cola products, as I don't particularly like completely disapprove of their business methods. So where I have the choice between brands, I choose Pepsi. (I also like the taste of Pepsi better than Coke, and it doesn't coat my mouth like Coke sometimes does.)
  3. I want Star Trek. I want Star Trek so badly. And I feel that it's within our reach, just people are too selfish to see it. If we could all just pull out and see the bigger picture, see what would benefit everyone, and choose that route... Who am I kidding. Parents teach their children that sharing is better than greed, and then say things like "I don't want my hard-earned money to be taken away to pay for somebody else's health insurance!" etc.. Why must humans be so hypocritical? *sighs*
  4. Please put your spoilers in white text.
  5. Got another one on Cordelia: Accept: I'm tired of hearing about motherly female dragons - it's not your fault, though, I just needed to vent. Other than that, nice description Accept: Accept: Y SO SERIOUS? Accept: Accept: Accept: no spelling/gramar mistakes nice! Reject: Strange, I wouldn't call her motherly in the slightest. She's more of a sergeant major type character when I imagine her.
  6. I got in a few days ago. I think it's wonderful! (So far, anyway. ) I was sorted into Slytherin again. I have egg on my face, don't I?
  7. I got a laugh from this abstain: Accept: Accept: Accept: Abstain: it's good but you shouldd describe the dragon, not some made up story about his personality. - Could somebody give me a third opinion on this one? I see what the bottom person was talking about, but I like that it hides that the first sentence doesn't fully make sense. - Accept: Accept: Nicely written! Accept: Very good, consider leaving out the " (as you may have guessed)" though. This comment made my night: Accept: Y SO SERIOUS? Accept: Accept: Reject:
  8. I'd just like to point out that we can't see who's inside the astronaut suit. It might not even be River (though that seems unlikely at the moment).
  9. Aw, that's a pity! I was hoping the White Guardian would reappear and make him immortal for some sort of servitude (obviously he would have already assumed the Doctor's compliance), and then the Doctor manages to somehow wriggle free of this agreement, possibly destroying both the Black and White Guardians in the process in an epic finale, but the immortality would be a lasting side-effect. Okay, forget Physics, I'm off to get a job at the BBC. See you all in a couple of years when I'm head-writer. (If only!)
  10. This. I think it's disgusting that animals are seen as "just pets". I mean, fair enough if you actually can't look after them any more. It's better to give them up in the hope they will find a good home than to keep them in a place where they will end up being resented. My family is thinking of getting a dog. They've been going round the shelters seeing if there's one that they would be able to take care of. It's difficult though. Most of them ask if you've had any experience with dogs in the past ten years. My Mum grew up with dogs. Her family had at least three in succession, and she had an active role in looking after them. (She was an only child in a tenement flat.) But since that was about forty years ago, and the rest of us have never taken care of a dog before, the only dogs the shelter staff would consider letting us near are young dogs with no behavioural/health problems, which are almost never taken there and get adopted almost immediately.
  11. I'm 18 at the moment (will be 19 in a few months - scary! ) and I've just started at Uni. (Hooray for Freshers Week!) The course I'm going to be studying is called Energy Science and Technology. For a while, my ambition was to get to Uni and study something Physics related. I find nuclear/nano physics (like atoms etc.) fascinating, but my thoughts were that society is in dire need of alternative energy sources, and I've always been concerned about the environment, and I can probably do more (crucial) good as an energy physicist than as a nano physicist. I've worked hard to get here (had to commute to college last year - not fun!) and I'm pleased with how well I did in my exams. I even managed to beat my target grades! Some sort of research and development job would be nice. I might do a post-grad to become more specialised, but that's about four years away, so I'll think about that later. Right now I have to focus on finding ways to connect with people without drinking lots of alcohol and being dragged round clubs that only play the more popular tunes.
  12. I've always reckoned that the offensiveness of a comment is at least partly to do with percieved intent. For instance, like how some people think it's okay for black people to use the "n word". Like Kamak said, it's pretty easy to tell the intent behind someone's comment. But words can still hurt others, even if the person's intent is innocent. For instance, if somebody was taunted by the word "weirdo" for a significant portion of their life, then I think it would be reasonable for them to request that people around them not use the word, since it reminds them of bad times. But the other problem with the internet is (as well as clashing cultures) that intentions aren't always clear. Yeah, we've got smilies to indicate facial expressions, but there isn't really a way to substitute tone of voice. For that reason, people really need to watch what they say, and try and make sure it couldn't be taken as an insult.
  13. (It may be controversial for me to say this, but I'll go ahead anyway.) The death penalty.
  14. I reckon I'll probably get sorted into Hufflepuff. I was on Mugglenet for a little bit a while back, and I got sorted into Slytherin. Possibly because I'm good at placating people, and I generally try to stay on their good side. I don't think I'll be a Slytherin this time though. Although I still have high ambitions, I've changed quite a bit in the past few years and I don't like manipulating people. I don't think I'll be in Gryffindor. I can be brave, especially for other people, but I'm really a coward at heart. Ravenclaw, maybe. I love to think and I love to learn, but I don't see that as my defining trait. And I'm not particularly snobbish about intellect. The reason I have a feeling about Hufflepuff is because I'm a pretty friendly and accepting person (once I'm past the social awkwardness stage and learn how to interact with people). What's weird is sometimes random strangers will talk to me when I'm out and about by myself, as if I have a massive sign above my head saying "agreeable". But whatever house I'm sorted into, I'll be happy to get in and explore. It sounds fascinating!
  15. I used to be what most people would call schizophrenic. Anti-psychotics didn't do a thing to help me but an anti-depressant cleared up all the symptoms that were bothering me in about six months. So maybe it's just that I don't think like a normal person. *shrugs*
  16. Scottish Rory! (sorry, just had to, creased myself at that bit)
  17. I'm pretty sure I'm not synaesthetic, but the landscape of my mind changes almost constantly and in the past there have been periods where I have had strange experiences or associations. There was a time (I think I was about twelve) when I would describe different pains in terms of colours and patterns. If I was in pain, I could see a (usually moving) picture of what that pain was. When I was younger, different textures had different tastes. Depending on what I felt, a taste would come into my mouth (it sometimes happened with noises too). It's become fainter over the years, and I can't really sense it any more except on the worst tastes, like rubbing velvet the wrong way. Probably the freakiest one was around late autumn last year. I was watching QI on the telly, and they were talking about how Rimsky-Korsakov would see colours when certain chords were played. When Stephen asked what colour certain chords were after they were played, I saw much the same colours, only slightly red-influenced. The next day I was coming home on the bus (it was one of the newer "coaches", so it was a pretty relaxing ride) and listening to Muse on my mp3 player, and if I relaxed then I could feel the colours. It started to grow faint though, and by the end of the next day I couldn't see them any more. There have been other things as well, but those three seem the most similar to synaesthesia. Although, the last one might be more to do with the psychic things that occasionally happen to me. I don't know, maybe my mind's just weird.
  18. I'm not sure what my second and third wishes would be, but if some magical being was offering then my first wish would be for wisdom. That way, I wouldn't be as likely to screw up my next ones. But I'll list some potential wishes. If I was being selfish: my own Digimon (or failing that, my own personal friendly dragon) mean art skillz a collection of hats that really suit me If I was being unselfish: world harmony empathy or telepathy a new source of food that caters to all our nutritional needs, is cheap to synthesize, and tastes great
  19. When I was young, I started watching Pokemon, and I really liked Pokemon. The only problem was that it clashed with computer club. That was solved by having a video tape labelled "kiddies short term" which my sister and I could set up to record when we were busy. Then they introduced the new Pokemon, and I kinda fell out with it. But Digimon came along. We all thought it would be just a rip-off of Pokemon, but it wasn't. It was fast-paced, exciting, mysterious, and it had nasty villains. It wasn't just a quest to better yourself, the fate of two worlds rested on the shoulders of these kids. The reason Ash sets out on his journey is to fulfill his ambitions of becoming a trainer, whereas the Digidestined were thrown into a surreal, confusing, and dangerous world by no choice of their own, and have to band together in order to 1. survive and 2. save both worlds from impending doom. Although I do like Pokemon, I feel it's a bit slow. With Digimon, much more happens in fewer episodes, the characters are deeper and more developed, and it is very atmospheric. Pokemon is pretty upbeat, but Digimon is life-affirming. (And, just a side-note, Digimon actually taught me new words. Pokemon never did that.)
  20. Tremendously funny, and heartwarming, and mad - basically everything that we've come to expect from the new team. I was a bit annoyed that Mels just appeared out of the blue, but I suppose it was the Moff's way of keeping us arguing up until the last minute. Those antibodies - were they meant to be humourous? Regardless, it's really hard to pull off an entity that's funny and threatening at the same time. All in all, I think it was a pretty good opener. And, as usual, I've completely forgotten what's going to happen next week. Oh well, at least it'll be a surprise. It'll be weird watching it in Uni halls rather than the living room. Hmm, maybe I could invite some friends over (since we're cool kids). And now we know why River didn't regenerate when she died in the library.
  21. I've got a pair of badly named dragons on my scroll that I use for breeding blunas. Every so often I check their offspring to see if anybody's named their children something funny. So far, this is the first that's come up.
  22. Accept: Accept: Ha ha. What a character! Spell check: "suspiscion" is actually spelled "suspicion". Accept: Thanks. (I think I may have loosely based him on a version of the Mad Hatter, but I can't be sure.) I changed the spelling, just in case anyone was wondering.
  23. Mine are green and brown. Sort of a light grey-green base with ... hold on, my pupils are dilated - lights please! *runs through to bathroom* Okay I'm back. There is a sort of ring round my pupil that's the same colour as a Cadbury's milk chocolate flake. It kinda looks like a flake too, how it's all folded up in the middle like one of those old-fashioned ruffs. It's not even, either. It extends outwards at some parts, like splash marks. So from a distance my eyes look hazel, except when I'm upset and they go bright green. It's weird when that happens.