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  1. 3rd Even gen Moonstone as usual Claimed! Wow that was fast
  2. Finally got a shimmer from my Bronze. Refused the first two mates. Finally got it to breed and got the baby to its new owner.
  3. Won a 5th gen bronze shimmer in a lotto. Can't wait to give it to my friend
  4. And I can't wait for that time myself. I'd love to start seeing some really pretty even gen lineages with shimmers out there. And trading will be far more relaxed then it really is right now I've seen some decent shimmerkin even gen lineages though. I guess that'll do for now XP
  5. Oh wow, I really like that Spitfire X silver / Bronze X Guardian combination. The colors go beautifully together I'm still rooting for a Turpentine X Gold shimmer lineage. I want so badly
  6. 3rd EG moonstone shimmerkin from Izaya Enjoy <3 Claimed!
  7. I got a refusal from Logic this week. Figures after all this luck I've had with him.. It was my only female CB silver at the time, but I ended up getting another. hopefully he doesn't refuse it next week :| Of course, I just had to bring Logic's other name back.
  8. Turpentines I have so many, I thought I'd do it
  9. Oh what a shame. My third gen bronze refused his SECOND mate today. I only have one more CB female ice to try with this incredibly stubborn dragon. Two refusals in a row. I'm hoping Logic produces something tonight though to make up for my bronze
  10. I did trade away a third gen shimmer a while ago and asked for offers. I didn't let it sit for too long because I did get an offer I liked, but I got over 30 offers I didn't think about making a screenshot sadly.
  11. Bred a really pretty 2nd gen gold from a blusang mate Lineage
  12. Can't wait to see them. Glad I managed to catch some when they first came out I might trade for some more though just in case~ They look very interesting so far.
  13. ooh awesome Edit: lol first post haha
  14. Congratulations! <3 Logic also bred true this week as well http://dragcave.net/lineage/aDR1c If its fogged, Lumina mate. this one has to stay with me sadly, because I need a 3rd gen from it. If i didn't, I wouldn't be keeping it
  15. We'll my bronze shimmer scale grew up today. Tried to breed it and got a refusal. My only cb ice female too. I think every shimmer I get on my scroll is going to end up refusing its first mate
  16. I only describe dragons when said dragons means something to me. Other than that, I usually leave them unnamed and undescribed. I love them and all, but I can't think of descriptions for all my dragons
  17. I assumed they would be dying down with the bred ones as well, since the metal boom appeared to be slowing down. Maybe this is just the last wave before they really do go away for a while ?
  18. Oh wow so pretty! Congratulations x3 My 2nd gen didn't produce huntil his third time. I'm breeding Logic tomorrow to a lumina. I've been avoiding luminas ever since his first refusal, but I do need one I have a new mate and everything. I hope he cooperates this time around. Even a fail would be fine with me And yeah someone does have both. He stated he wouldn't breed them together unless someone on his list asked. To be honest this, nobody but a prize winner could really continue that lineage or really make something of it. I don't think a lot of people are actually interested in one. I admit I would like a Tinsel from that pairing to breed to logic maybe, but I'm not getting my hopes up
  19. I've only see one actually. Missed it because of being locked, but I saw one It is strange that there are so many appearing.
  20. Ooh wow congratulations! Pretty pairing! Its a shame we can't announce lottos for shimmers/kin on here (Or anywhere really >.>). Let people know when they have a chance I cna't wait to try Logic tomorrow I'm trying a lumina again. Hopefully something this time around. Logic and Luminas never work out.
  21. Got something from my 2nd gen Shimmerscale today. I wish more people would come to the channel in the IRC though. Actually, I want a thread ot announce it on. The departure threads are too strict :|
  22. Haha probably just a mistake I finally did get something from my 2nd gen today |D I just had to switch mates. I'm not saying what it is, but I got something
  23. I've hatched two so far. Both took a long time to hatch and neither liked being incubated. I'd say they are similar to tinsels.
  24. I'm going to add in my opinion on the matter. I would have posted earlier...but as a winner i'm a minority and therefore my opinion probably won't be worth much and seem too biased I'm trying not to be too biased about my opinions, but I honestly can't help it. Increase the number of prize dragons given in the raffle. I COMPLETELY agree with this. As much as I enjoy have a "limited" dragon, the pressure of having to populate the cave with them is way too much for only 60 people. It takes too long for the prizes to reach a majority of the public. The only reason I would worry about this suggestion is how long it would take to even distribute the prizes since TJ waits for everyone to respond. Have more than one raffle in a year. I kind of agree with this. I actually do enjoy the raffle and the event, so the possibility of having another one appeals to me. At the same time though, I suppose this would probably interfere with normal releases as well. I might prefer normal releases to raffles with prizes honestly. Release a dully colored variant of the prize dragons/Add retired prizes to the cave as rares. I like this idea a lot. I know about the other idea, suggesting to maybe do a small recolor, but to be honest I feel like the user variant needs to be more easily recognizable. Sure, there will be people who go after the original prizes that still have their decoration (Tinsels, for example, would still have their tinsel), but that would be a minority in my opinion. If we can easily get a similar dragon of the same color, then there is no reason to be the slightest interested in one with just a bit of tinsel on it. I completely understand that users most likely want to do lineages of their own, and in a way I am a bit biased about the subject, but I would prefer there to be a larger difference between the real "prizes" and the user version. I do agree with adding them to the cave as well, but as long as they are recognizably different from the original prize dragons. (Again, I prefer a new color variant for this). If you are just going to separate them from the original prize dragon ratios as well, than you might as well make them different. I don't know about anybody else, but i sometimes even forget the tinsels HAVE the green (tinsel/prop) apart of their sprite. Add retired prizes to the list of HM prizes. I kind of agree with this, but at the same time disagree. Right now the tinsels and shimmerscales prizes are at the same amount (the CB ones). I would prefer that neither prize be made rarer than the other. At the same time though, I agree with this because the amount of active CB tinsel owners seems to be dropping as time passes by. We do need more CB tinsel owners right now than we need CB shimmerscale owners. I'm a bit neutral on this subject because of these two facts.
  25. I'd like to see Frill X Gold. Frill X silver already looks pretty good. and Bronze X Ice looks pretty good as well. I thought ice might be too bright for it, but it actually looks good.