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  1. All the Turpentines. Why can't I have them all. I want every single last one of them to cuddle.
  2. Turpentine X Royal Crimson I always try things with Turpentines first
  3. Bred a shimmer form my precious (even though it was the wrong Turpentine ;-; ) http://dragcave.net/lineage/PRl3J
  4. Well, first of all the tombstone would have probably been where the hatchlng was : at the very ends of my scroll And maybe it just expells it completely? I'm not pulling a joke on you ^^; and I admit the constant yelling out that I'm "pulling one" on you guys is not making me feel happy. If you get what I mean.
  5. I was on my page. I'm not "having it on you". It was just a simple mistake made out of frustration. It does take a kill slot though. I thought it was there, but I probably just mistook it for somethign else by mistake. I'm not one to pull jokes like that haha
  6. Huh, I saw it. Maybe it does disappear once you do it. but still, I would have at least liked the chance to revive the thing. That would be nice. And I still lost a kill slot ^^;
  7. Its still a pretty dragon. I love the sprite. but doing this BSA took away one of my kill slots, left me with a tombstone for probably the next two weeks.... ;-;
  8. It kills it. I tried it. I now have a dead hatchling on my scroll.
  9. Spoiler- Uncurse a Zombie Disappointed.
  10. Can't wait to see the BSA. One of my Soulpieces is at 4D 1h right now X3 Should be growing soon Whee I'm not surprised crimsons didn't have the bsa hehe
  11. Category: LINEAGES - PUREBRED Title of Record: The Turpentine Lineage What needs to be reviewed? Wrong dragon link displayed. Correct link is " http://dragcave.net/lineage/gfTot "
  12. Well.... Technically might highest is This guy with 311,115 views. He doesn't really count though Not including Logic though, this guy is my highest with 10,875 views. I don't know my lowest though. Too many dragons to sort through (And the offsite tools are not working).
  13. Looks like these guys are going to be fairly hard to catch. I had hoped they wouldn't be terribly rare, but they've vanished Oh well, looks like I'll have to trade for some like I did last release. I love the soulpeace dragons though. Very pretty sprite. The royal crimsons are pretty cool too <3
  14. *swipes every single one of your crimson eggs and hatchling*
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/TQMgq Got my precious back hatched and not sick. Can't wait to breed it
  16. I love these dragons so far. The hybrid ones look so cute X3 The red ones look pretty cute as well. I think I like the hybrids more though haha
  17. Category: DRAGON LINEAGES- PUREBRED Title of Record: The Turpentine Lineage Name of Submitant(forumname): Qualeo Scroll Name (link): Qualeo Proof for Record: Proof 17 Generations Category: BREEDERS DRAGON BREEDS Title of Record: Breeder with the most Turpentine Dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): Qualeo Scroll Name (link): Qualeo Proof for Record: Scroll - Starts at the bottom of page 7 goes through page 8 and 9, ends partway on page 10 (100 dragons per page) 234 Adults in all
  18. I would love to see this come in to effect. I don't actually describe a lot of my dragons, so this would not be as useful to me as it would be others, but I do describe dragons. I wrote up a description for Logic about a week after he had grown and had to obsessively check his page every day to see if it was rejected or not. Though I don't write descriptions one hundred times a day, it would be nice not have to continuously check my dragon every day to see if it was rejected or not. That being said, a notification similar to that of the flower event notification would be lovely. It does not get in the way nor is it too obnoxiously big, but its noticeable enough that I would see it. A filter would also be something I would approve of as well, but maybe something more along the lines of "Approved description , rejected description, un-described description, and awaiting moderation"? Not those words necessarily, but something that would separate the dragons you did not bother to attempt to describe and the dragons you wrote a description for but have yet to be moderated in any way.
  19. I have a few golds that are messy. I don't like breeding them honestly, but I do for newbies who don't have any at all. My first dragon was a really messy black. Sadly I've bred most of my dragons, even messy I'm pretty sure he might be my worst, but I don't know. http://dragcave.net/lineage/s8XG
  20. I caught a CB silver in the Desert I have CBs, but I've never caught one before. I feel so proud X3
  21. 3rd gen Blusang A Blusang for once X3 Enjoy! Claimed!
  22. Bronze X Ice is a really pretty lineage X3 I think Turpentine X gold shimmer is going to be my favorite whenever someone breeds one. I also like sunsongs and Silver shimmers together.Pretty bright colors are usually my favorites with silver shimmers. X3
  23. Had a trade for a 3rd gen shimmer accepted