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  1. No, the chances of getting an egg won't be increased. The chances of getting an egg will be the same. I see this more as removing the refusal, but increasing the chance of a no interest/no egg. From what I see, people seem that even bred dragons should be included in to this. To be honest I was only thinking about stairsteps and such when I suggested this, but I can see why bred ones should also get this as well. (And that we should include the retired breeds as well)
  2. Three eggs D:! great now I have ot adjut.
  3. I managed to keep all my eggs safe so far. I'm only worried about getting everything on time. Ive got hatchlings coming in, so I have to time everything correctly in order to get it all I love these new ones though. Their e so adorable. I have a feling I'm going to love them. Their design on the egg was really interesting too x3
  4. The new two-headed hatchlings looked really adorable as stage one. Not that I don't like them now either. I think they're going to be fantastic. Of course, I'll need to wait for a bit as I missed out on their initial release and the site is bugging for me. Not a big issue though. I can't wait to start seeing two-headed lineages with these babies all over the place. X3
  5. Wow didn't get a dingle one. >> That was worse the yesterday. Is it going to get continiously worse...D:
  6. I managed to get tw. Phew that was hard!
  7. Sorry Turpentine, you can't be an egg forever you know
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GGerm Picked this guy up in the jungle. Germ <3
  9. Logic bred his 11th shimmerscale (Third try. Finally DX) Also bred a fourth gen shimmer X3
  10. Prowl's (Not ProwI) One misbred shimmer fail fail fail fail .-. I hate this dragon. I finally find it a mate and it won't give me a single shimmer now. I can't believe I misbred it the first time. My other dragons are giving me fails too. I sense a drought coming soon DX
  11. Wow , 3 or 4 a day? I wish I could manage that (but I have special breeding to do so I can't) I'll be relying on trading for hatchlings this time around. Hopefully the shimmers I offer will help to achieve at least ten of each dragon bred. I like have a nice amount of a dragon breed just in case That being said, I'm hoping for a mix of different kinds of dragons. Drakes, Pgymys, eastern, etc.
  12. I don't know about anyone else, but I am very pleased with this. Seven breeds. I'll finally have something to use my shimmers to trade for that I actually need! I can't wait to see the new breeds. I hope we get some new artists <3
  13. MY usual favorite shimmerscale gave me nothing. Again. D: However, my 2Gs from Logic both produced shimmers this week and so did my 3G from Logic.
  14. Well the thing is, we do have irreplaceable dragons like CB prizes that DO breed all year long. Those can never be replaced if they refuse the holiday mates (And as we know, the CB holiday mates can't be refused either). I know that affects a minority of the cave, but people would still like these kinds of lineages possible from each different prize dragon. CB metals are also hard to replace, though they can be replaced. even with all the metals we're seeing right now, its still hard to get a CB metal. The other issue is that sometimes the dragons we get for these holidays are not from us. Not everyone would be willing to replace a dragon that has managed to refuse the only mates it has possible.
  15. Well yes in a way it is possible to replace the other dragon if your holiday dragon refuses. But even then, a lot of those would be difficult to replace. For example: CB golds and silvers are replaceable, but they can still be difficult to find. I think the kind of effort in getting the first one shouldn't need to be repeated again. Especially if the effort was tremendous. Not only do you need to get the egg again, but it needs to be the same gender as the original. There's always a chance for influence to fail as well. (This is more for the Christmas/Valentine dragons though since they are single genders only). And, as you said, if you want to do a holiday X holiday breeding it would be impossible as well if something refused.
  16. (I posted this in another thread, but it seems like it probably needs it own separate thread. Its not like "removing refusal" after its already happened. This is making it impossible for a refusal to occur.) Unlike other dragons we have, when one of our CB holidays produce we only have a limited amount before we completely run out. We CAN'T replace CB holidays that refuse, which limits lineages we do if a refusal happens. I propose we simply remove refusal capability for CB holidays so that we the issue of being "irreplaceable" doesn't come up. What I DON'T mean is increasing fertility or anything like that. They're still be able to give no eggs or no interest, but they would not be able to refuse. Yes I understand that refusals happen. It makes sense that sometimes our dragons will refuse. But CB holidays are so limited that refusals can ruin everything in an instant. We can never get new CB holidays after their initial release (And valentines + Christmas are limited to only two). Even with the Halloween dragons we are limited in a way.
  17. I had to search through 200+ Turpentines to find my baby. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ARK7P My favorite turpentine because of the "Ark" code. It reminds me of the Ark from transformers
  18. Ehh Logic has bred true 10/12 times so far. My other shimmers are starting to breed bad too though. Last week I breed four and got one.
  19. Traded for this shimmer. My first one from Jewel
  20. http://dragcave.net/lineage/NSFWS Heh "Not safe for work"
  21. Turpentines. My ultimate reflex click. the reason why I'm hoarding them now XP
  22. http://dragcave.net/view/LOG1c If only you were not a pgmy, you'd be perfect for Logic D: I still love the code though <3
  23. Breeding in a way that 15 important dragons breed around the same time And I only have 7 egg slots Whoops, I guess people will have to pick up their things faster then.
  24. Traded for a total of three brand new shimmerscales today. Not a lot of people wanted my poor misbred, but someone eventually offered me something nice |D