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  1. I'm so jealous aha I just hatched 100 Fennekins eggs and nothing. :|
  2. How many did it take you to get it? I'm sitting hre hatching egg after egg. I've almost hit 100 Fennekins.
  3. I wa slooking through the GTS ditto section, and so many people were asking for Japanese dittos only I just put mine up without being specific and got what I wanted within a few minutes. I've also been tipping everybody I can. I hope that really does increase shiny chances. That'd be so nice. :U I filled up a box with Fennekins within the first hour
  4. I sped through the game myself. I'm going back through and doing the little thins now I'm working on a shiny hunt for Fennekin currently. I managed to swap my ditto for a Japanese ditto really fast, so thats hopefully boosting my chances
  5. I need to go find a pikachu with Light ball in that forest. What are the chances of finding one?
  6. So, I found out there's another restaurant even more expensive then the 3-star 100k. Spoilers After you finish with the Looker, in Rogue plaza across from the burea is another restaurant. Its 500k.
  7. Yeah, and even then, the three-star restaurant is expensive You have to spend 100k pokedollars to get in Also, you odn't need the 3-star to get in to the fancy boutique. Just the 1 and 2 star ones.
  8. Oh guys, don't know f you guys heard or not, but do NOT save in Lumiose city or near its taxi's. It'll break your game. D: I just got Mewtwo. Finally. It too me a bit of fighting.
  9. Heee Fizz those are the only too I named. I just beat the elite four member I had trouble with. I sent out a high defense pokemon and spammed potions until they rna out of PP for that trouble move tha always killed me
  10. I dunno, I feel the game is too short My current party stats Delphox / Prowl / lvl 70 Charizard / Jazz / Lvl 70 Pidgeot / lvl 63 Lapras / lvl 57 Lucario / lvl 69 Sylveon / lvl 45 I got wiped by the last elite four member I needed to go to the champion. So I'm training up ore pokemon. I hear you can increase shiny chances by tipping he people who write poetry for you, etc.
  11. I just got my eight badge. Can't wait to go up against the elite four and champion this mega evolution thing is so cool. Like seriously. I went ahead and took the Lucario and now he's one of my best. I want honedge on my team thou so badly D:
  12. My Fennekin liked that. And ten it evolved. And now its REALLY awkward. Anybody got their first badge yet? or second?
  13. I finally got my game. I went against my first hoard and the only moves hey all used was Splash Have you guys seen pokemon using splash? Its hilarious They just fbounce down on the ground
  14. I think its a good amount, don't get me wrong, and I'm happy wih everything. I can't wait to play. I just hoped we'd have more haha. Either way I'm super excited for this game <3 I keepd ebating on whether ot get Fennekin or not. I do not like the last evolution, but I love the first two...XC I dont know what to do aha
  15. I wish we were getting more pokemon though. I like that old pokemon are being included as well, but I really love a variety of new pokemon in each game.
  16. Wait, what? Gengar is megaevolving too? I think I missed something
  17. I admit I really wanted the fire starter to stay on all fours. The second evolution wasn't bad, but something about the third one puts me off. I mean, I guess its not terrible, but I really would have preferred it differently I might still be getting the fire starter, but I dunno. I'm so jealous of the people who got the game early though. I want to play
  18. I don't think we really need this. Lots of people miss eggs to other people. It's a fact of life and the game. I mean, whenever I used to hunt and see metals in cave, I always missed them. but that's just how the game goes. I would have to say no to six eggs as well. I believe it was tried during a release, but I don't think it worked out. you'll just have to deal with missing the rare egg. try to trade or maybe you'll be gifted c:
  19. Oh my gosh <3 I'm happy I'm getting X I like that design a lot *.* And yeah, probably want you to get both or increase trading with friends. >_> Which i guess isn't bad ahaha. I wonder if these mega evolutions will end up being recorded in the pokedex with the pokemon they are associated with?? I think I' getting X. I can't remember actually
  20. That kind of evolution would actually be cool. I would love to see that *.* I'm just so pumped for this game. Like the last games, BW 2 , I wasn't all excited for. But now, I'm extremely excited. I got mine originally for New leaf, but pokemon as well so... I had to convince my parents to get it for me though. My dad kept telling me my normal DS was "fine". So I "Accidentally" snapped my normal DS. I went without games for about two months, but it was well worth it. It was breaking anyways. >_>
  21. Luckily I anticipated a 3DS only pokemon game and got mine last Christmas. I'm very excited for the new pokemon game. I'll be getting it the day it comes out (My birthday ) so I'll be playing it immediately. Well, when my mom brings it to me later in the day I think I'm very happy that this game is coming out to everybody on the same day though. It always bugged me just a bit japan got theirs first (Understandable that they did, but still ). Now we'll all be on equal footing this time haha I personally like the new sword pokemon. I mean, yeah it was expected, but its AWE
  22. If I showed you my flower apocalypse...hahahaha. You would be crying. Its insane. Oh yeah, I didn't know about the bamboo thing either. I was so surprised. I used pths to block them fof though, so they wont grow anymore. I just have a bunch of buried bamboo When people come to my town, I dont let them run off paths. they would mutilate my flowers D:
  23. I've owned Wild world for a while and have my New leaf. I haven't really been playing a lot lately though D: Last time I checked though I had perfect town status, a good forest of bamboo, lots of flowers. Like seriously, you can't run in my town at all. There are flowers EVERYWHERE. I keep saying I'll make them neat and all buuut.... I've been trying for a blue rose and its impossible. Its harder than the gold roses >_> As for my house, I've only got the main room finished. Its mixture of gorgeous furniture and gold furniture. Needless to say, I've spent well o
  24. Category: Breeders - Breeds Title of Record: Breeder with most Turpentine dragons Name of Submittant (forum name): Qualeo Scroll Name (link): Scroll Proof for Record: They start at page 9. (I view 100 dragons per page). What has changed?: 244 --> 515