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  1. Can you even catch a ditto with 6IVs? I thought the most was 3IVs? I don't have ditto in my safari, but I have a friend who does. X3 I picked out a 3IV ditto in there with Imposter. X3
  2. Yeah, vivillion GTS is the hardest Ocean I think is one of the rarer ones,s o I guess it made sense. But I was extremely specific. I put in apseicifc levels and gender and STILL got the Pokemon within seconds. It's amazing
  3. I put two Ocean vivillions in t the GTS...both were gone in elss than a minute. Wow o-o
  4. Hopefully it gets fixed! I have 700 fennekins to wonder trade
  5. More vivillion patterns? D: They're going to be so hard. I keep losing out on patterns I need on GTS DX I've collected 12 patterns so far though
  6. rading for Vivillions is the worst. Its SO hard to find somebody trading a unique vivillion who isn't asking for legends >>;
  7. I still don't like delphox, but I must admit the battle animation is sweet. The shiny version looks really bad though. Shiny brazian adn Fennekin looks lovely, bot shiny delphox does not :C
  8. Trainer name: Ashley | Aaron [X | Y] Friend Code: 3110-4032-9981 Game version: X and Y (X is beaten; still have to beat Y) Pokemon I can offer: Fennekin (Any nature you want. A few females) Pichus (Hasty Nature + Volt Tackle + Thunder Punch) Pokemon I need: Vivillion (Besides Modern) , random shinies, pokemon with 5 perfect IVs My Vivillon pattern is: Modern (I think) My Friend Safari type is: Grass My Friend Safari Pokemon are: I don't know Trades only, or trades and gift giving?: Times I am/am not available to log on: 5 am Central to 6/7pm central usually. Acce
  9. So far, out of 750 Fennekins, I've sent 60 through woder trade. I get all sorts of things. I also finished breeding a Pichu with Volt Tackle + Thunder Punch along with a great nature and characteristic. MY Volt tackle/Thnder punch pichus are amazing aha
  10. Not yet. Not until December
  11. Fennekins later guys...I finally hatched a shiny Fennekin. ;-; Its male and has a nuetral nature, but I can work with that. <3
  12. Logic successfully bred four Marrow eggs. Three to the AP, one left for me to do whatever with <3
  13. I'm hoping to find Halloween 2nd gens bred with Turpentines, but no such luck. On the plus side, I bred Logic to a Marrow and sent three to the AP
  14. What Halloween dragons are you hunting for this year, if you are? Looking for any particular lineage? Nothing really. Maybe a Halloween from a turpentine if I'm lucky <3 Turp lineages are love <3 What are you planning on breeding your Halloween dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they? Feel free to use the AoND Lineage Viewer to show us what the offspring will look like! For most of them I don't know, but I'm positive I'm breeding Logic with a Marrow. Mostly because its one of my only CB halloween breeds Are you planning on gifting, trading, or
  15. I know the feeling friend. 450+ ;-; Still going. You guys are SO lucky though. I keep tipping every person I can, but so far still no luck. Eventually though, eventually I'll get it. Hopefully my shiny Fennekin will have a decen nature On the fun side, I ca't wait to post Want: Any pokemon Have: 1000+ Fennekins of all natures
  16. so jealous I'm 450 eggs in to my shiny Fennekin hunt. nothing yet, but hopefully soon. ;-;
  17. So guys, currently I still have not yet gotten my shiny Fennekin yet. I've hatched over 360 eggs by now and nothing. Hopefully I'll get one soon. I don't want to trade off my fennekins until I get my shiny, but I'm running out of room ;-; Look guys!
  18. ;-; Why am I so unlucky. I've hatched over 300 eggs trying to get a shiny fennekin. ;-;
  19. And as long as you get affection up before happiness. Espeon/Umbreon override the Slyveon evolution from what I've heard
  20. WEll at least you managed one. Im hatcing an egg every few minutes and nothing at all. Too many Normal Fennekins D:
  21. The more pokemon you get, he more boxes. I dont know the limit, but since I'm shiny hunting, my limit has increased to 16 boxes
  22. Why are you hogging all the shinies D: Why. I've been hatching eggs for hours and no shiny. I have 180+ Fennekins. If we didn't have wonder trade, I wouldn't know what to do
  23. I'm thinking of picking up Pokemon Y today. I dont know though. I've officially hatched 180 Fennekins without a single Shiny. I'm so sad D: this is hard
  24. I guess, but seriously I have 5 full boxes of Fennekins. I'm so jealous of people who only hatch like 30 to get a shiny ;-;
  25. 130 Fennekins later, not a shiny. Oh boy this is going to be a rough hunt