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  1. Honestly, I really don't think its the prizeowners that set the price as much is it is the non-prize owners. Desperation for something rare leads to offering a bunch. I don't see it as the prizeowner's fault that everything got inflated - its everybody's fault. Anyways, I don't think we could fairly vot eon this either because the group most affected by this ind of change happens to be a minority. Of course non-owners are going to vote yes for it because they want it. We wouldn't have much of a say in the vote unless you had two different polls - one for owners and the other for everybody
  2. unpopular opinion time ;u; I have to admit, I'm against releasing them incave the way they are (I support the coal arient though!). But I probably sound very biased considering..... but to be honest, this is a collecting game. A sprite collecting game. Is not like the sprite itself is unobtainable. You can still collect it! They all look the same and there's no difference between the CBs and nonCBs. Though I do admit breeding has become a huge part of this game, hence why their value has been so inflated. I dont understand why everyone freaked out about the CB prizes though when many
  3. //waiting for somebody to breed with a turp and get a turpfail so she can swoop n Good luck guys. Logic refused his first mate when I get him >_> But after that it was okay
  4. Full support of this idea. Black shimmers would be excellent <3 As long as winners can get the "consolation" prize too. Don't you think its unfair to not let winners be able to get it as well? Yeah we won, but ya know, the consolation prize is for everybody. The CB shiny prize dragons should just be an added bonus for winners. As long as everyobdy has access to these, I totally support it. A Back shimer sounds amazing
  5. if you really want to name a difficult breed : Turpentines. My favorte dragon of all time and getting shinies out of them is darn impossible. And half the time they refuse their mate! Anyways, is silky the one with the highest V/UV/C count of the new ones? and I' surprised the wiki hasnt added anything yet.
  6. haha god luck witht he clicks. Even Logic doesn't have the most clicks. I don't think its possible actually. The draogn with the most clicks I think ahs it because adults could still receive clicks at the time. I think? Somebody told me that I believe a while back but good luck <3
  7. I hid Logic a minute before they were due to grow. People panic'd ehehehe. Good luck my friend with Silky <3 Are you trying for the msot clicks? Since that seems to be what you want
  8. We should just rename the raffle.. The View/Click Olympics. Since I see so many people are trying to get as much as they can |D And congrats guys too <33
  9. To be honest I kind of have to agree with this? But let's avoid starting a drama fight here lol... Anyways, I really odn't see multiclutches being helpful at all. Really I don't. They're not increasing shimmers at all. And if they're forced on us, I seriosly wouldn't want it and would not breed mine again jst because of that. Only if its optional. And I don't think its...fair..to group the winners bse don if we use it or not. In my opinion?
  10. To be honest though, we shouldn't need to be stressed and should feel relaxed already lol. Anyways, I would support it if it was optional. Because that means I wouldn't be forced to use it and therefore would not use it. That I can agree with. As long as multiclutches is optional, I'm okay with it.
  11. I admit, it would be somewhat disappointing and I do also admit I really would prefer the exclusives stay exclusive, but if I had to chose between that and multiclutches..I really would still say no to multi-clutches. I completely understand why you would want them, but I do't want them. Not because I don't want them being given to for "free" (Seriously, I dont care about trading. I do it, but then i gift everything i got away). Its just...you have to think about our personal preferences as well. If I want to give my friends something special and exclusive for them, I don't see any good reas
  12. At risk of being snapped at and called "greedy" as a prize owner, I'm hoping I can put my input in as well. I personally would say no to releasing CB shimmers/tinsels in to the biomes just like that. Honestly, there was on suggestion I really liked....the one with the duller colored prize dragon. I don't think , forgive me if I sound greedy (I'm really not trying to be), just releasing the normal prize dragons out in to the biomes is the best course of action. As much as I hate exclusive dragons, these ARE exclusive. I don't think their exclusiveness need to be undone for the sake of...I
  13. Congrats guys Too bad I didn't win an honorable mention. A Prowl coded trp would have been the best ehe <3
  14. Lineage Someone gifted me.....a 2G Turp Thuwed. My Turpentine special collection is now complete ahhhh <333333 Best. Christmas. Ever.
  15. the classic holly/white pairing is always lovely <33 I'm so glad they got rid of the limits thugh. I dont have to release my two hollies i was gfted last year <33 Here is my holly http://dragcave.net/lineage/4TJGf
  16. As for hollies, I got a real bueaty <3 A Second Gen holly from a Turpentine <33
  17. You can still be attacked at Level 25. and you can cotinue to get snow
  18. 25 is the max level guys C: with 9 snow per hour as the max
  19. TJ said you cllect snow for three hours, then the amount you get is halved. Also, would anybody mind hiting me? My scroll is my username I'd like more exp haha.
  20. You can gain experience by attacking others OR being attacked as well. C: TJ told me when I asked in the main chatroom in the IRC. Aim for level 5 for now. you get 2 snow pe rhour then
  21. This is going to be a great event. Wish more people would attack me though aha |D I cant wait to start lobbing more later ad buidling an awesome fort.
  22. Yes you do. I can probably make a few for people at some point
  23. I just got happy hour smeargle! If you guys want to get a lot at a time, take a full team of smeargles, the first being one with happy hour, and have a ditto transform in to it. Then just sketch with your other smeargles. You should get a lot out of that x3