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  1. Well, its official. Lush eggs are attracted to me I catch them so easily I also finally caught myself a dusk/dawn egg after a few minutes of spazz-clicking Edit : for typo monster
  2. hooray! I got three lush eggs, though i only meant to get two. Curse you reflex clicking!
  3. Dear Diary, The cave has been chaos ever since Cyberium , a female Hellfire, showed up. Noit long after she grew up, she fell in love with the valentine dragon Sweetling snap. IT was a shock to us, as hell and valentines usally don;t go together. Still, we accepted the arragement without question. It was considered dishonorable to questions ones choice of mate. Now, we all see it was a mistake to letthis arrangment go by peacefully. Hellfires have taken over the cave, scaring hatchlings and fighting with the other dragons. Not only that, but all of the holiday dragons have joined sides with the hellfires, each ahving found a hellfire mate. It has become all out war. It has become, a Holiday Hell. Degend, female black dragon warrior
  4. ((ah I don;t know how i'm supposed to join in Dx))
  5. ( hello everyone. Lydia here invited me to join you guys, so here I am ^^ Here is my character NAME: Myuki AGE: 16 years GENDER: Female STYLE:Fire OTHER INFO: Myuki has the rare ability to calm others down easily, though not when they are her enemy. Unless she is in battle, Myuki prefers not to fight, instead attempting to calm her allies down when they get angry. Due to this ability, Myuki is able to strengthen the bonds naturally with other people. FAVORITE WEAPON: Senbon (needles) Appearance:
  6. Qualeo

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I now have all four. My Hellfire and Nebula are going to grow up first ,then the sunsong, and finally the bright-breasted
  7. well, I've got all the easter eggs. yay
  8. How does a cheese egg get soft shell!! isn't it alrdy soft?? "This egg is soft and smells uncannily like cheese."
  9. Dear Journal, yes. It has been a long time. A long time since i have written in you. Maybe it because I'm busy? Well, whatever. So, a lot has happened since I last wrote in you, let alone picked you up. The two new Electric dragons finally bred and egg. It was their breed ( obviously). not only that, but the new Canopy Dragons bred too. they also got an egg. I'm sort of happy and I'm sort of not. they got to keep their eggs. Qualeo, my owner, has never let me keep my eggs. Anyways, the new Vampire bit an egg a long time ago. It changed, but was thrown out by Vexina. She hates vampires and doesn't want another one in the cave. One day i am going to challenge Vexina. she has no right to act like the boss of the cave! ~~~Degend
  10. Dear Diary, Its been a while hasn't it. Well, I'm always busy training so thats my excuse. Anyways, a lot has happened. The new hatchlings ( Canopy Snap and Electric Snap) have finally matured. Qualeo was so excited. It makes me happy to see her happy. don't tell Vexina, she'll really get mad if she finds out. Anyways, we had another hatchling grow up too. Her name is Moon Dorkface Snap. Yeah, she is a dorkface. she isn't like Deldor, who really makes everyone mad. Anyways she and Rikku got together. Now we have another egg. It doesn't look like Rikku or Moon's breed at all. All I can say is that Qualeo is so excited. Anyways, Vampire Snap grew up. guess what? the first thing she did was go and bite an egg. We all told her to wait, but she didn't listen. She actually did it! The egg changed, but Vexina threw it out. She was repulsed by it and decided it shouldn't be here. Vampire Snap has bee in a bad mood lately. Maybe its time Vexina and I settle things. signed, Degund
  11. Dear journal, Well its Degend again. There have eben a lot of things happening since the last time I wrote in you. First of all, Redeno grew up and now has an egg. It was abandoned, but he doesn't mind. Also, the gold has finally gendered. It is a male. I can't wait to start talking with him. He has been avoiding the others lately. Now onto the big news. Qualeo has brought back strange eggs. They are dragon, but they seem different. She is excited. She also brought back a water and vampire egg. She told Rikku, the skywing, the water is important. I don't really get it, but oh well. Degund
  12. Dear journal, Qualeo, our master if you haven't noticed, has been really busy lately. For some odd reason she has been recording our behaviors on her scroll. Nobody knows why. All I know is that strangers have been coming in and looking at the scrolls. apparently I have one too. Maybe I should ask Qualeo.. Curious, Degend P.S The Gold is about to hatch.
  13. I named my only Vampire ( female) Angelique Oleander
  14. Dear Journal, A lot has happened in the past few days. I really do hate wasting my time writing, but somehow I feel at ease as I'm writing. Anyways one of the eggs Qualeo has been ranting about finally hatched. Its a beautiful, Young white dragon even though we don't know its gender. Its very clumsy yet so cheerful. Qualeo says its a very special dragon. I think Nao is jealous. Also, early this morning, Qualeo and me brought back a hatchling. Everyone was disgusted, but I was pleased. We would have our first vampire. Or well thats what I think it is. Anyways, Qualeo approves of my positive feelings, though it won't last long if the vampire kills an egg. Well, I guess thats it. Qualeo is calling me now. Goodbye! Sincerely, Degund
  15. Dear Journal, My name is Degend, a female black dragon. I am the only fully grown and proud warrior of my owner, Qualeo. she froze all the others for some reason. Based on my observations, I think Qualeo deemed them unworthy of becoming a Black dragon warrior like myself. Anyways, she handed me a journal today, you to be exact. I didn't know what it was at first, but then she told me. I was angry. I am a warrior, not some historian! But, after a stern talking to, I complied. Anyways, Qualeo has been in a fit lately. She keeps bringing in eggs and taking them back. None of us know why. She told us they were descendants of the dorkfaces, a legendary lineage. I disapproved of her actions, but she hushed me up. One of the hatchlings also grew this morning. his name is Dedelor Thuwed, apparently from another great lineage. He has been acting very snobby lately, calling us inferior dragons. Most of us are mad, but not his mate, the female Christmas dragon. Both of them think they are special. My mate, Renegade, is excited and upset. Our egg has hatched, but is not with us. The best thing is that it is an Alt, a very honored Black dragon. I am also excited to have bred such a powerful child. sincerely, Degend
  16. White, Whiptail, mint, and a pnik. all died becuas eI was new and didn't know anything. D:
  17. T_T I'm a dorkface?!?! Ashley Dorkface! I feel sad now. T_T http://dragcave.net/view/n/Ashley%20Dorkface%20CA