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  1. Sorry about your wallet =/ Hope you have better luck catching Victini then I did. I finally caught mine after 45 Great balls, 3 Ultra balls, 3 Dusk balls, 3 quick balls, and 3 timer balls. I was soo happy when i caught it
  2. I've never really paid any attention to the pokemon sprites. Are some of them really that bad? I guess I'll have to look...
  3. It should ask you if you want to register the Game to the new DS system. Meaning it will save the wifi settings so you can connect on that one.
  4. Ha first time I tried to beat Cynthia I was so not prepared. she destroyed me. Then yesterday I took my group of level 100s and destroyed her. Also, is anyone else ahving trouble connecting to Wi-fi? I have not been able to get on the GTS all day. Its making me mad D= Edit: Typos
  5. I wish I had a 3DS too I have only a regular DS. Nothing Special I find it annoying too with the impossible trades. But I don't worry much anymore. The pokemon I could possibly want I already have.
  6. Good luck infi. I hope you get a shiny soon lol. I thought the seasons were assigned to certain months. Like I'm in winter now. Maybe it'll change?
  7. Lol no worries. It took me forever to beat the gym leader.Only because I didn't realize you could get one of the three monkey pokemon from the girl in the dreamyard I was so frustrated the whole time I was trying to beat him,
  8. I'm very happy right now. I just recieved a Shiny level 100 Zoroark through a trade. My life is complete Edit: Btw, anyone feel like battling? PM me if you want to battle!
  9. Good luck Sombreon. It actually took me a few tries until I finally won. I suggest bringing a lot of potions and revives.
  10. I heard in the IRC it had not hit 9000. Its in the middle somewhere.
  11. The way I vote it simple. Trees that catch my attention and are not average, but very creative, usually earn high votes from me. I give average trees a rating between 5-6, a 7 if I like it a lot. Blank trees earn a one from me, since there really isn't anything to vote on. Personally, I have yet to see a tree that has managed to work nicely with the garlands. However, I do vote between a 6 and 7 with those trees. My favorite trees are actually the crowded ones, the ones that look like they were crowded on purpose.
  12. I'm sitting here voting and my friend came up to where I was. Now he keeps questioning my votes and starts arguements. I've been on this one tree for five minutes
  13. I might have seen that one.I did see this goergous rainbow one.It made me cry
  14. I've seen a few TJ or DC trees, but not much. I see a lot of messed up trees instead though =( Edit: Typo
  15. I've seen a few rainbow themes, a ton of silver and or gold themes, silver and blue themes, and thats pretty much it. I rate most of them 5 unless they wow me.
  16. LOL. I haven't seen that color scheme yet =)
  17. LOL. I just decided to do an ornament tree and hope people see the real beauty in crowdedness. Though when I was on the IRC, people's comments about overcrowded trees made me nervous
  18. I've seen them a lot. They are stating to grow on me. People brave enough to submit empty trees I salute you =)
  19. The first few trees I saw were kind of..eh.. well normal. I give normal ones 5s. Blank trees get a one from me. Messy trees get a 2-3 from me. I rarely give high ratings. Only the epic ones get high votes from me. Also, if you guys ever see a tree where the whole thing is pretty much covered, its probably mine. I made an ornament tree
  20. I have a quick and important question. I submitted my tree a couple days ago when it was the way I wanted it. I go back to the tree everyday to look at it and some ortaments keep moving. will the tree that shows what it currently is like or what it looked like when it was submitted? Edit: Those Typoes
  21. Last year when I joined, I managed ot catch a Yule egg. After it had hatched and I found out about the new eggs, I abandoned it. I thought that if i had it, I couldn't get the new eggs
  22. I managed to catch my eggs within twenty minutes of the release! I think it is much easier to catch them this year! I also ended up catching for like a million other people I'm stillup for catching BTW, if you need any help. Just PM me =)
  23. These new updates All look pretty cool. The teleport, which I've been dying for, will make it so I never lose a dragon again! The fertility BSA is also a good addition. Though I'm wondering, since you can have Gold x Gold breeding, will you be able to use the purple BSA on that pair? The biomes part is interesting, though its not really Dragcave. I'm so used ot the main cave, well it'll be a bit hard to adjust. Hopefully with each biome we'll get a different background, for a change you know? In all,I love the updates and can't wait for them to be added. Hopefully they come out soon!
  24. I've had dragons named after my best breeding pair, Canopy Snap and Leafon Snap. Not all of the offspring are named after them, but I'm still pleased. I'm also happy that all my dragon's decendents are of the same breed Canopy snap