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  1. I've sent to.... Fizzix EmotionalDragon a bunch of random people Ceolyphysis and a few more random people
  2. Another one of my favorite messages happes to be "There's more to my love than meets the eye" I'm seeing how many of that same message I can collect (You can obviously tell why i like it so much)
  3. I have to say,my favorite combination would have to be: "You're no misfit, you're my sweetheart" Combined with the Singles awareness day, it really is nice! Warms my heart~
  4. Its not opened until 16:00-18:59. Too late lol. Guess I'll try to get on tomorrow
  5. Not yet. Is it open at this time?
  6. I managed to get the mew event so I'm pretty happy. I don;t look up mews so i wouldnt know about this MSTRY person.
  7. I don't really like hacked pokemon much either. I really don;t like to get them, but osmetimes I really don;t have a choice. Especially in GTS.
  8. Lol. It may be overused, but it is powerful And you catch Reshiram in pokemon Black.
  9. Hydreigon! *hops on board as well*
  10. Well Ho-oh is my favorite of all the legendaries. Anyways, the shiny I gave was not one of my favorites. I would rather have the Ho-oh
  11. @Brentakers Awesome lol. I think my only legit Legendary shiny I've recieved through a trade is my Ho-oh (Caught at level 70, which is possible I think in soulsilver?) Of course I had to give one of my level 100 shinies for it
  12. I recently obtained a pokemon I'm quite certain is hacked. I don't think you can catch a shaymin at level 100. Or can you? And it was shiny too, so that kind of made me even more suspicious. @Chipou Thats pretty unlucky. I was at my 20th battle with my pokemon and I got stopped there because of my bad luck. My bad luck only appears when winning is important
  13. R/S/E were a good game. Too bad one of my games was stolen and the other broke
  14. Pokemon will probably never grow old, even if they finally succumb to defeat and announce no more. Its just that good of a game
  15. I think a lot of people will be sad. But everything has an ending at some point.
  16. Well, I never said that "Gamefreak/Nintendo was running out of ideas", I said that I just think it will take slighter longer to create enough pokemon. I am positive that there will be a Gen 6, just not as soon as three years. It is quite possible that it may come in three years or maybe even less then that (I doubt this very much). I do expect a lot of things from Gamefreak. Though I did not know some of the pokemon this time around were American.
  17. Well yes there are a lot of concepts they still have yet to use. I was surprised myself when the Gen V pokemon actually turned out pretty awesome. I especially love the Ice cream pokemon I'm just not sure how many more generations they can make and still make the pokemon great. Edit: Typoes lol
  18. Generation 6 eh? I seriously wonder how long Gamefreak can keep this up until they run out of ideas. We started with 150 pokemon and now we have over 600. I think it will take more then three years to think up enough pokemon to make a proper game. they did well with this game, but how long do you think they can keep it up? Edit: used the wrong Company lol
  19. I've seen those requests as well. They are either trolling or just showing off their pokemon. Or they really do think you can get that low of a level Reshiram. But I really doubt that.
  20. I actually prefer to go on the GTS negotiations when i want a certain shiny. too bad they didn't add a shiny option on the regular GTS. Though I did get one shiny on the GTS. My shiny Zoroark. I only have one shiny legendary, but I have a lot of shiny other pokemon.
  21. Shiny legendaries. Oh how I envy you who have them Actually I do have one, though I don't know if its hacked or not. Shiny Japanese Kygore. Just got it today
  22. Pokemon Grey? I heard that the pokemon people said that game was not really coming out
  23. @Murder I think the Espeon sprite in Black and white actually looks nice. It looks a bit cuter then the Hg/SS sprite. The Arcanine sprite just looks boring. its not doing anything special,just standing up straight. In some of the other games, like Diamond, it was crouching down. I personally like when a sprite isn't just standing up.
  24. @Infinis I just looked up the Arcanine sprite. You were right. I really don't like it at all D= But there are some decent pokemon. I think Moltres looks fine, but thats my opinion.