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  1. Wl at I mean by what I said was to breed a "sibling" of the victor , naming it almost exactly alike the original victor, then trading it around for the "siblings" of the other victors and breeding from there. we could have a very nice Evengne lineage like that. Example: One person has a Victor named "Victor X" while the other has a victor named "Victor y". they bred similar siblings of "Victor X" and Victor Y" and exchange them with each other. Thus, we would have Victor "XY" or well "District XY". The sibling would thus stand for a district (Whichever one at this point, becau
  2. I do have one quick question though. Will we, I dunno, be combining the lineages of the victors with the other victor's lineages (For the Quarter Quell in the book (If you have read it). I think that would make it pretty interesting
  3. I might apply. I mean, I'm constantly on there anyways. I've also been on there for quite a while, so I think I know enough to be of some help haha. Good luck to everyone who applies!
  4. What an awesome lineage idea! I'd love to participate! Edit: Forgot to fill out the form. My bad. Forum Name: Qualeo Scroll Link: Qualeo
  5. I wasn't paying any attention and loaded over a CB silver. Two times within five minutes. The cave is cruel to me today. TWO CB silvers within my grasp, and I refresh over them
  6. The movie was great, but I could not help but feel that a few important key events were missing. For one, they did not touch on the fact that Peeta and Katniss should have grown apart from each other once Peeta realized she had been faking it at first. that is a really important part! I also found that the tension between Katniss and the president was a bit lacking. they could have portrayed that much better. I mean, those negative feelings stirring between the two of them is what drives the second book as well as the third book.
  7. My canopy pair has....4 children named after them. The best part was that someone though I named my draogn after the leafeon pokemon and named their Espeon Snap. I was delighted (and shocked when I realized what I had done ). I find it nice to see people continuing my naming pattern.
  8. My first freezing I believe was one of the many frozen blacks I have. I was never really against it, but I wasn't exactly for it eithe runtil I really got a look at the hatchlings. From then I, I've loved freezing (To a certain extent of course).
  9. I've been summoning ever possible day since it was released and have yet to have any success. *bitter*
  10. Naruto Black Butler Hetalia Bleach Chibi Vampire Vampire knight As you can see, I like all sorts of things. I'm really diverse in my favorites
  11. Well I tried again today and failed again. I'm getting used ot it.
  12. I have this bueaty: http://dragcave.net/lineage/eJl3 Who breeds with his assigned mate to get: http://dragcave.net/lineage/cqNZ (Which is also mine) I also have this sad little lost dorkface whose lineage was sadly cut off: http://dragcave.net/lineage/MKFV
  13. I got to watch the Transformers Prime premiere along with the old Transformers movie. Both were great, but both gave me a newfound hatred for Megatron. I'M DEAD *weeps*
  14. Add me to the list please! Thank you!
  15. Skyrim: I was being a complete idiot and jumping on top of a tomb as it was opening without thinking anything about it. And then, a Dragon priest popped out and shocked my butt all the way to Oblivion. And now you know never to jump on top of something that you hae no idea what is in it c:
  16. Qualeo


    I personally enjoyed Halo Reach a lot! I loved the older games as well, but Reach has to be my favorite. I don't have the anniversary (Sadly), but I've heard that its good too!
  17. Do NPCs even recharge their own weapons? I understand they can fill a soul gem if they have the correct type of weapon nd an empty gem, but can they use them to charge their own weapons?
  18. yeah, so true. I would be watching it and almost every episode start out as being confused! I still love them though
  19. *thumbs up* That makes 18 cards with the message "more than meets the eye"
  20. Banned because I'm am the second in command of the Autobot army. Therefore I do not need a specific reason as to why I am banning you. ~Prowl
  21. I've sent (being speicifc) to: Fizzix EmotionalDragon Annilalate and then a ton fo radom people I've recieved a lot. 16 of the same emssage (I'm collecting the "more than meets the ey ones" x3)
  22. Happy after forever alone/ Valentines/ singles awareness day everyone! I have to say my favorite message is the "more than meets the eye" one. I'm totally collecting just that one (12 woo hoo!) I really enjoy sending cards to everyone (random or otherwise)
  23. Nothing for me. I'll never get one. Oh well! I'll try next time! *has been trying ever since they first came out*
  24. *vents* I started to watch it on youtube, but I never finished. I've just been clinging on to what little the hub provides me with (They sometimes go in order so its not too bad). What makes me laugh though is how strange some thigns are. I laughed when I watched (I think it was Blaster) being grabbed by a billboard sign. I tried to figure out how that worked (and thu a headache began)
  25. Too bad I was born in the WRONG GENERATION. I'm trying to watch as many on possible on the Hub, but they skip a lot so I enver really understand whats going on. I still enjoy the Generation 1 though (I also love Transformers Prime. New seaosn coming out this month! woot!)