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  1. Oh god. The light. ITS MOVING (kitty kitty Knockout x3)
  2. I saw the turps and kinda just got these names just for the laughs. Herp Turp Derp Turp Turr Hurr Durr Turr Ithink they are quite amusing myself.
  3. Hellfires. No question about it. I'm wokring on one with my Holiday hell dragons.
  4. Ooh, new eggs.. How fun
  5. , thats funny! I myself think the idea of Dinocave would be rpetty awesome. Can't wait to see when (And if) it becomes available!
  6. Hmm..what would I say...? "Better be ready, 'cause I'll be haunting you for the rest of your life"
  7. pshargh Possible Santa Herens are reading gold horribly dskljfhgsrjl
  8. Kanaye once cheated a man out of a million dollars and spent it all on a gaming website
  9. hasfracg Having any seats for rent actually calms goats () esfkju
  10. I enjoy the Desert and Alphine
  11. This was my April fools prank for this year lol! 1. Secretly switching the power off and making it seem like it had just cut off and nobody had messed with it. 2. Walk in to the closet of each person's room, switch the light switch on and set an Ipod connected to one of those music broadcasting things made for them. Set it on loop for a loud explosion noise and make sure the volume is turned up. 3. Wait until later when everyone has fallen asleep before sneaking out and switching the power on. 4. Enjoy the chaos as everyone is awaken by a loud explosion coming from their closet that suddenly has light
  12. Well it took me a few minutes, but I just realized I am pretty much forever alone.. So, i have a few invites left for the first people who PM me
  13. Oh... Thank you for a code! (You know who you are ) ~Prowl
  14. This prank.... This prank is a prank that lets all of us prank each other as well saying we have codes for said prank site.... So this is either an awesome prank that lets DCers prank each other to death.... Or this is real and I want an invite
  15. April fools? Or is this real... either way, awesome!
  16. All righty then, well, I've almost got my 16 "Tributes" ready. I might be able to make an animated banner for you. I'll try to make it once I get the time later today.
  17. Wl at I mean by what I said was to breed a "sibling" of the victor , naming it almost exactly alike the original victor, then trading it around for the "siblings" of the other victors and breeding from there. we could have a very nice Evengne lineage like that. Example: One person has a Victor named "Victor X" while the other has a victor named "Victor y". they bred similar siblings of "Victor X" and Victor Y" and exchange them with each other. Thus, we would have Victor "XY" or well "District XY". The sibling would thus stand for a district (Whichever one at this point, because it is true that it would take forever if we tried to get two victors from each district). We would continue to breed until each Victor has particpated in the Quell, leaving yet another final victor. When you think about it, it would be pretty cool. Of course by that point, I think we would have a fairly high Even gen lineage.