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  1. Transformers Prime currently. Legend of Korra is my second favorite at the moment.
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    The Avengers

    So I searched around in this forum and really could not find a topic about the movie (Or the seperate ones for the individual heroes). I believed this belonged in here, so here we are! This topic refers to the latest Avengers movie along with the seperate ones. The cartoons/comics do nto exactly fit in to here, but they can be referred to. So anyways, what are your opinions on the Avengers's movies? Which of the movies are your favorite ones (The live action ones, not the cartoons)? Which one is your least favorite? You cna post any opinions about the movies you want, even if they do nto relate to the questions I just asked. I can honestly say that I enjoyed them all (Though Thor's movie was my least favorite). The latest movie was fantastic. It had a good mix of humor and everything else needed to create a good movie. I especially enjoyed how they included parts of Captain America in the movie as well.
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    I used to watch it. and I read the little comics as well. My ultimate favorite would happen to be England (I don't know. Those eyebvrows just...It's really hard to explain ). Russia and America were favorites as well along with Seychelles (Even though she did not appear much).
  4. Its kind of appealing to me now. The movies? Or the current cartoon?
  5. I was in the very area and met a dragon myself: my first ancient dragon. I had to hide myself due to the fact that I was caught off guard. It took me about half an hour to take out the ancient though. After it had already killed me once
  6. Eragon was pretty bad in my opinion. Harry potter 6 was bad as well (I like the books and the other movies, but that one movie in particular was just not good.) I don't like the Twilight movies either, but I can tolerate the books. While the whole sparkly vampire thing is bad, it is still a decent book. just not as a movie.
  7. @ Kestra Transformers robot falling. And..hmm.. I would take your Avvie
  8. /10 I know! (I'm going to be known forever as the nyan user )
  9. :nyan : /10 Lol, too many emoticons for the board