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  1. Found it as well. It looks gorgeous <3 I have such high hopes for these babies Can't wait to see the hatchlings. Logic will be hatching tomorrow, so it'll be exciting
  2. I actually think it'd be pretty cool for the male and female sprites to look different. Probably just me who is apparently interested in seeing that though
  3. Exactly how I felt. I saw a sudden fog and though it was a glitch for a moment. and then that code...
  4. We should see Logic as a hatchling by tomorrow night (Not this night, tomorrow around midnightish DC time). Logic already has a hole in him and 16k views
  5. Yeah, Logic has a lot I've been working hard. I hope to reach the view amounts of the thuweds~ If you guys want to help, just drop me a PM
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Logic /goes to post code and finds out people were already talking about him :U My lovely code <3 And Logic is getting so much attention
  7. Wow, what a lucky find! congratulations to our new "winner" I'm very happy about a lot of the codes though. They're awesome! The dragon eggs are great too, but the codesss
  8. Yeah they did I was pretty confused when a random fog appeared on my scroll i'm happy to know that more of the first place winners revealed (according to the wikia). I was afraid we'd never see more then one Can't wait for them to grow though. So much promise <3
  9. Considering the tinsel spriter got her own special alt, I'm pretty sure the artist of these lovely new dragons will too. I'm in absolute love with the new eggs. They show really good promise. I really love the color on the third place prize the most though. Stunning. Edit: And the prize eggs came prefogged. If they're fogged right now, it might just be because they haven't gone and unfogged them yet
  10. My Prize baby finally came. With the code I wanted as well <3 <3 <3 **don't PM please. List is full If you guys want to see him, his code is : Logic. Just look up the code. He's unfogged
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/DugA My lovely Vampire (Whose name I believe fits well XP)
  12. It usually depends on the breed of the dragon. Though, when it comes to Turpentines, I prefer males (If they're CB) and females (If bred) (Yes I know they look the same)
  13. CB Blusangs and Golden Wyverns! Along with the Tri-horns. DX I was not around for the blusang release, so I never even got one. I do have a 2nd gen PB one, but I really need to get my hands on a pair of CBs for lineage purposes. I missed the Tri-horn release too. ;~; I just need another opposite gender CB. I just honestly fail at the GWs though
  14. Both my CB Golds gendered correctly. Yay!! Just gotta hope for my pair of CB silvers to do the same
  15. Gifter! Username: Qualeo Trophy: Gold PM: PM Rares You Can Gift/Breed: Golds (Inbred/Messy/clean/Low gens). Tinsels (low gens/messy). Silvers (Messy/clean/low gen). Trios (Messy/Clean/Low Gen). Interesting Lineages. Commons/Uncommons. I do have a lot I can breed.
  16. Its natural for people to be curious. This dragon has never been released before, so people have to rely on the new winner's scrolls to see them. while it would be nice if everyone waited for an official announcement before stalking scrolls, it can't be helped. Its best for the winners to hdie their scrolls to best protect their other eggs from viewbombing. Its safe to assume that the prize dragons will be protected, but obviously nothing else is
  17. My CB gold actually produced its second egg ever since i got it. The last time I got an egg from it was '12 February. I also managed to finally breed a GW for my friend, as well as a random Bronze tinsel. None of my others produced, but considering I got a 2nd gen gold, I'm not complaining
  18. Well, I checked the page of on of the '12 tinsels Their egg was "stolen" on January 22nd '12. I believe, though, the raffle drawing was announced on the first. A week earlier then this time (It was announced on January 8th). So, if it happens within the same relative time frame, it'll probably be another week before the prizes are given to winners. Then again, last year only 8 new winners were redrawn. We had a 37 this year, so it might take longer.
  19. Thank you TJ. No more "overload" messages Yay!
  20. Bred a 2nd gen gold today. The pair hasn't produced a gold since last febuary.
  21. I can't say that I'm not feeling a bit impatient. I'm excited to have a new egg on my scroll. I can't wait to see it. I'm not trying to rush TJ, I'm just stating it'd be nice to get it sooner rather then later. I can't help but feel impatient and complaining just a bit about the wait. I'm excited I didn't mean anything but what I said.
  22. I don't think any harm could really come from it at all the only issue I could see is if redraws occurred. some winners might be bumped up. Then I would understand it. I don't think we'll have to wait too much longer though. Hopefully.
  23. Tinsels are not allowed as prizes unfortunately ^^; I honestly wish TJ could just give the eggs out to everyone who has already responded. Having to wait for 37 people to hurry and respond is a bit annoying >.<