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  1. I think Female sunsongs X Male Silver shimmer slook wonderful <3 This will be...the fourth mate for Logicbutt. Unless he refuses again D
  2. FINALLY got a tinsel from a pairing that has been refusing to breed anything other then moonstones. My first tinsel from them
  3. They'll probably start breeding a bit better next breeding time I mean, the likelihood of having more refusals...hmm People might start using fertility too. I honestly can't wait until they get to a point where they're everywhere like the tinsels. To see everyone with their wonderful lineages with Logic and all the others will be fun ^^ And, to see people who mix up lineages in to something really gorgeous. I can't wait until that time comes.
  4. I admit I'd love to see this. All of the prize winners working together to create a lineage like that. It'd be great!
  5. I know I described Logic after he threw a fit and refused XP Just waiting for it to be accepted/denied or whatever. Luckily I have more Lumina's for Logic, so it won't be a problem getting him a new ate.,I wonder if its because the mate's name was "unnamed herp". I didn't exactly have a true name for her yet. XP Though, it looks like the colors look very nice together for that pairing. Can't wait to hopefully get an egg next week.
  6. No kidding I'll have to try again next week. Shine produced a fail apparently. This si going to be rough anyways, Logic is officially the most viewed dragon on the site everyone. http://dcrecords.tj09.net/dragon
  7. So guys : Logic refused hnnnnnnnn. No baby this week. Oh my god. This si going to be a thing.
  8. He's visible again guys <3 Holy wow gorgeous <3
  9. Logic MAY have a huge amount of views, but most of the others actually have enough views to grow up along with him at the same time I'm really excited to finally see them. I have a basic idea of what they might look like. i might eb wrong though. we'll see x3
  10. This raffle has been quite the raffle hasn't it It is a shame, since they could have just bred another one. but, its their right to freeze it if they want it with the code. The code it a cute one
  11. Wow really? That's really awesome =o And interesting. You did a wonderful job with them. colors are great <3 Can't wait to see the adult sprite.
  12. In my case, I would have just gone semi-active again had I not won Logic. I have had a forum account, but I've never been on as much as I have nowadays. A few more hours and the suspense will be over
  13. My Silver gendered correctly! Hope to get an egg form him one day
  14. Sure. I'll screenshot the first Logickin's lineage for you guys if you really want to see it hopefully he'll be nice and produce.
  15. It is a reference. The character in my avatar is known as "Prowl". He's known for his "logic". Thats why Prowled's code is the way it is His name will be changed ni a few weeks when I can get the name "Prowl" for him. Now you know where Logic's code came from
  16. thats the issue. The babies won't be protected like Logic (Lol, calling him this name when he already has a name :U) . I don't want them dying due to curiosity.
  17. Logic's "First" mate is either going to be a daydream or a Lumina. I can see it being a Lumina though most likely Of course, as soon as i breed, his baby will be hidden.
  18. Logic grows up tonight x3 I'll be breeding the very first "Logickin" from him tonight too. Hopefully he produces. If he doesn't, we'll know he'll be a stubborn one D
  19. Teasing all of us impatient users , eh? I've heard your art is wonderful, so I have no doubts that they will live up to my expectations. They are already so lovely <3 I'm glad to be the proud owner of Logic.
  20. Tomorrow is when the incubated ones will grow up
  21. Yeah, they probably had their own reasons for freezing their hatchling. I don't think it'd be because they liked the hatchling sprite, considering they can just breed more Oh well, one less prize to breed doesn't mean nobody will be getting any. they'll just spread out to other users at a slower pace.
  22. Last three eggs I bit: 2 Successes 1 repulse
  23. Bred a Bronze tinsel~ Yay And Logic is officially the most viewed dragon on the site, even above all of the Thuweds.
  24. Of course, the shape kind of plays into "which breeds work best together", but at the moment we only know really its color Some people might change their opinions on which breed will look best with the new dragons once the adult sprite is released. Though, I have a feeling the ribbon Christmas dragons (If that's their official name. I can't remember ) will look nice with the silver prize dragons.