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  1. Ahhh, the Lumina looks gorgeous. I meant to do that pairing this week, but i did not have a pairing available So, I went with blusang this week. People already know, so I decided to just show it off on here. I think blusangs look lovely.
  2. Wow, congratulations. I'm sure it looks lovely <3 Shimmers really are agreeing this week. Last week...not too much
  3. Agreed. Though...there is a reason why I don't like keeping a large list. I don't like keeping people waiting, especially on the off chance I go inactive. And that silver shimmerkin is gorgeous. Its not a shimmer, but its practically worth the same. Still a metal
  4. Well, some lucky people did see it when I unfogged it for a few seconds for influencing x3 So its not a "complete" mystery. I don't want to reveal it either because I'd like to keep the baby alive I think it'll be a gorgeous lineage though. I'm glad butthead finally produced.
  5. Silicon , I think those pairings would be lovely x3 they sound gorgeous. Too bad I don't have a bronze. Bronze seems to be easier to breed. Logic did finally breed today. A shimmerscale, but I've hidden it. Nor am I revealing the mate x3
  6. My shimmerkin gendered right and bred a pretty baby http://dragcave.net/lineage/hJFae
  7. Thats really pretty dragonsrus! Love the water dragon with the shimmer My shimmerkin ended up gendering right and everything. I'll breed her to Logic eventually, but for now she ahs another mate.. I think it come out nice, though I wish the blusangs were a bit lighter
  8. Got this today as a replacement for the one i lost <3 Turpentine mates <3
  9. I keep seeing all these lovely valentine eggs flying through. I'm hoping to replace my lost 09 2nd gen valentine , but I'm probably not going to have luck the way the AP is especially since I want a specific mate
  10. I would have NOT been lazy and abandoned the egg I bred that was meant to go to the AP isntead of letting the site just get rid of it. Instead, the cave kicked my second gen 09 Valentine X turpentine egg. I didn't know it would kick anythingBUT the bred egg. Looks like I know now.
  11. Female moonstone X gold shimmerscale looks lovely as well Lumina's seem to go with every breed I can't wait to start seeing blusang lineages though
  12. I know I'm excited to see this years new Valentine dragon Hopefully we can have something like the heartseekers. I LOVED the heartseeker dragons. Their colors are superb <3 I'll probably be breeding all of my valentines to the AP like I do every year. I like t give everyone a chance at 2nd gens from my Valentine babies. and I'm not the biggest fan of lists or requests and such I hope we get a card event like last year of some sort. I LOVED that. <3
  13. Agreed. I myself have accepted CB metal offers only because I didn't have CB metals. Now that I do, it feels pointless to just ask for more. CB metals really don't breed amazingly well, especially when the "metal boom" is over. They're really only good for lineage purposes once the "metal boom" is over. I myself LOVE turpentines. I would honestly choose offers of several CB Turpentines over CB metals. Why? Because not only do they breed better, but I love them. You just have to find the right winner with an open list who likes easier to obtain things.
  14. *swipes Nebula egg* love them~
  15. Got a gorgeous shimmerkin Can't wait to eventually breed it to my baby to create this.
  16. I don't think anyone expected them to breeding like bunnies.... But I do think people expected them to be breeding a bit better then how they have There have not been as many Shimmers breeding true then I honestly expected. Sure, I knew they were not all going to breed, but I thought a few more would. Oh well, in a few more days those of us unlucky enough to not even get a shimmerkin will get to try again I LOVE how the bright colors of the Magi go with the gold shimmerscale. A beautiful pairing indeed <3
  17. I've only seen a few shimmerkin so far, and even though they are not shimmmerscales, they look wonderful. I LOVE how the royal blue looks with bronze prizes. <3 On a side note, I have three people to get shimmerkin from Logic before I start giving them out on here. Most likely, I'll just randomly drop them on the thread~ Keep a look out~ On the bright side, I have a beautiful shimmerkin of my own now <3
  18. I have all three colors and the ability to get on to a tinsel list for a 2nd gen. (I'm not too interested though, so I suppose it doesn't matter ) I was around when they were pretty much everywhere, so I easily got mine lol.
  19. *swipes your Blusang named Robert Downey Junior* That name
  20. http://dragcave.net/lineage/AUTBX "Autobox" x3
  21. Yes! I am so for a lineage project with the prize winners. and that pairing looks really good. =o Bueatiful! I love how the purple goes with the silver. Its really nice.
  22. I think Female sunsongs X Male Silver shimmer slook wonderful <3 This will be...the fourth mate for Logicbutt. Unless he refuses again D
  23. FINALLY got a tinsel from a pairing that has been refusing to breed anything other then moonstones. My first tinsel from them