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  1. I'm going to add in my opinion on the matter. I would have posted earlier...but as a winner i'm a minority and therefore my opinion probably won't be worth much and seem too biased I'm trying not to be too biased about my opinions, but I honestly can't help it. Increase the number of prize dragons given in the raffle. I COMPLETELY agree with this. As much as I enjoy have a "limited" dragon, the pressure of having to populate the cave with them is way too much for only 60 people. It takes too long for the prizes to reach a majority of the public. The only reason I would worry about this suggestion is how long it would take to even distribute the prizes since TJ waits for everyone to respond. Have more than one raffle in a year. I kind of agree with this. I actually do enjoy the raffle and the event, so the possibility of having another one appeals to me. At the same time though, I suppose this would probably interfere with normal releases as well. I might prefer normal releases to raffles with prizes honestly. Release a dully colored variant of the prize dragons/Add retired prizes to the cave as rares. I like this idea a lot. I know about the other idea, suggesting to maybe do a small recolor, but to be honest I feel like the user variant needs to be more easily recognizable. Sure, there will be people who go after the original prizes that still have their decoration (Tinsels, for example, would still have their tinsel), but that would be a minority in my opinion. If we can easily get a similar dragon of the same color, then there is no reason to be the slightest interested in one with just a bit of tinsel on it. I completely understand that users most likely want to do lineages of their own, and in a way I am a bit biased about the subject, but I would prefer there to be a larger difference between the real "prizes" and the user version. I do agree with adding them to the cave as well, but as long as they are recognizably different from the original prize dragons. (Again, I prefer a new color variant for this). If you are just going to separate them from the original prize dragon ratios as well, than you might as well make them different. I don't know about anybody else, but i sometimes even forget the tinsels HAVE the green (tinsel/prop) apart of their sprite. Add retired prizes to the list of HM prizes. I kind of agree with this, but at the same time disagree. Right now the tinsels and shimmerscales prizes are at the same amount (the CB ones). I would prefer that neither prize be made rarer than the other. At the same time though, I agree with this because the amount of active CB tinsel owners seems to be dropping as time passes by. We do need more CB tinsel owners right now than we need CB shimmerscale owners. I'm a bit neutral on this subject because of these two facts.
  2. I'd like to see Frill X Gold. Frill X silver already looks pretty good. and Bronze X Ice looks pretty good as well. I thought ice might be too bright for it, but it actually looks good.
  3. Good luck! My second gen Sparkless from Logic simply refuses to give me ANYTHING >_> I wont have anything to lotto at this rate. It is a really pretty pairing though. I like White X bronze. I also like Ice X bronze
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/spatl Just got this awesome turpentine. A great addition to my turp army
  5. Well, Logic bred successfully again. This week I was worried, since it was my only Frill But i got a pretty shimmer egg to its new owner
  6. This thread certainly went quiet *poke* Regardless, I have a pretty EG 3rd gen Shimmerkin up for grabs! Try not to kill it! x3 Claim my eggs/hatchlings! (Pretty sure I'm allowed to do this. o-o ) Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Its being given back out again to anyone who wants it |D Claimed! I'd love to know who got it, but you don't have to say x3 Enjoy! Now its gone for good! I'll be dropping these every week on here. x3
  7. I'm hoping Forest has some luck this week along with the other winners who have yet to get a shimmer. I'd really love to start seeing their offspring out and around |D Logic's highest gen relative so far is a third gen form GW X Silver shimmer. It's actually a really pretty pairing. I had hoped my Blusang X Shimmer would produce, bt he failed again. I'd l;iek to lotto off an egg...but at this rate .. Logic gets to breed tonight though. This time his mate will be a Frill (As long as he produces)
  8. oooh, thats a really pretty pairing. I like how white goes with it. Congratulations <3 May you have good breeding in the future
  9. I got "FIower" for one of my new Valentines It may not technically be the word, but its still awesome Font ftw! http://dragcave.net/lineage/R0HXn
  10. Cognratulations! <3 I used fertility on ProwI too D So far, two success
  11. Got another CB Silver (I've needed a male for a while |D) A pretty 3rd gen tinsel, and an odd but nice 3rd gen Bronze shimmerscale.
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/KZZsb Female moonstones and male gold shimmerscales actually go quite nice together. I'm sure a male moonstone and female silver shimmerscale would look quite lovely as well
  13. Well in a waaay he is? His only grown kid so far refused his first mate as well. I wish you the best of luck with shine next week. If you ever need more CB commons to be a mate, PM me. I'll be glad to help you <3
  14. Well, I bred Logic again. I got another successful Shimmer egg. This one will be the first to go off scroll.
  15. Thats actually an interesting lineage. I like it My 2nd gen offspring refused. Pft. Like father like son I suppose. Both Logic and his baby refused their first mate It is kind of a bummer though, considering I planned to lotto the egg. Oh well, hopefully next friday I'll have something to lotto Logic breeds tonight (woo-hoo) and I'm hoping for another success
  16. My vase so far I have SO many flowers |D I can never tell when people give me more anymore.
  17. A bit laggy for me, but otherwise awesome. I love all the flowers. There's a rose that I am in love with though It's like a rainbow rose. Its really pretty. Also managed to catch my second egg. Yay!
  18. Ooh, I LOVE this event. Flowers <3 Can't wait to amass a large bouquet of flowers hopefully I love flowers, so this really excites me.
  19. I choose male for Logic because of several reasons: 1. I wanted to do a Frill lineage and I only had one frill, who happens to be a female. 2. Logic's code and current name are based off of a MALE character, so it's be illogical to have him as a female instead
  20. They'll be out just like tinsels are soon enough...we just need more players too actually have one and breed them out to even more. Breeding is going a bit slow, so I wouldn't expect them to be out there like tinsels for several months ^^; And with the people planning on gifting egs out to people...I'm sure they'll be plentiful eventually
  21. Oooh, you have a lovely shimmerkin. Golden Wyverns seem to go great with all three of the variations, eh? I was thinking of doing something alone the lines of this, but I don't know if this would look good? Or would it be better to wait until I can get it so that there are only moonstones in the lineage with the shimmerscales instead of both a moonstone and Blusang? I won't be doing this just yet, but I was thinking about it
  22. You just have to PM one of the winners and hope their list is open? (though, most lists are closed now for a 2nd gen. 3rd gen lists miiight be open). Of course, you don't want to PM them if they state that their list is not open
  23. Yeah, they're probably like tinsels My egg didn't like the ER or being incubated. Wow, not even once? Prow| was sick the entire time while he was growing
  24. I love that combo. I meant to do it this week, but oh well I'm excited to see a Turpentine x gold prize pairing eventually. Maybe i'll find my way on a list Shimmer eggs are difficult to hatch. Well, for me anyways. I ended up having to refog the poor thing and hide it until morning before i could try again. It kept getting sick so quickly