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  1. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: Qualeo

    Scroll Name: Qualeo

    Group Name: SS Group '19


    1. 2G Saltkin - 2G from female Holly (Turpentine's are my favorite I hope its alright to mention) - CB Gold - 2G Prize - Neglected

    2. 3G Saltkin - Alt Black/Vine - 2G Metal (From Turpentine if that's allowed)

    3. Chicken - CB Blusang

    4. 4G Saltkin -  Surprise Me 

    5. Unique Turpentine lineages [ EX: Zombies, interesting checker patterns  

    6. Big PB Turpentine lineages (Non-inbred please)

    7.  Any and all Turpentines

    Breeding abilities: I have many 2G Salts to breed from, as well as a CB Silver Shimmerscale (Logic). 

    Catching abilities: I can't catch metals, but I can catch trios and stuff like that. I'm not too reliable on catching as I am breeding. 

    Trading abilities: I have trading fodder (Saltkin/CB Prize) to use to try to get stuff. 

    Teleport abilities: I have plenty, but thank you. 

    I Want to be a Replacement Santa!

    Forum Name: Qualeo

    Scroll Name: Qualeo.


    Breeding abilities: I have many 2G Salts to breed from, as well as a CB Silver Shimmerscale (Logic).

    Catching abilities:  I can't catch metals, but I can catch trios and stuff like that. I'm not too reliable on catching as I am breeding. 

    Trading abilities: I have trading fodder (Saltkin/CB Prize) to use to try to get stuff. 

  2. Theoretically this idea could be implemented without making it mandatory or necessary. It'd be difficult, given you'd probably want to provide a reason to do so in the first place, but not one that would be too great of a reward that would make it feel necessary to do like how flightrising is set up. I think it'd be nice, provided you can find that middle ground. 

  3. I am currently on vacation where my service (I don’t have WiFi) is usually one bar if I’m lucky. Most of the time I have no service. Caught all like just fine. 


    I wouldnt mind a 24 hour release but i honestly would love to see a new rare. Having everything be common and easily accessible if not straight up handed to you is boring and isn’t healthy for long term gameplay really. Sometime soon you need to work towards something and you’re just going to have to accept that. Yes there’s is a bit of luck as well ( I won a CB silver shimmer the very first year the year came out), but you can trade up to things if you find the right trade. I know users who trade certain rares for handfuls of commons. Just look for them. I used to do large amounts of turps for my 2Gs back when they were extremely rare. 


    No I don’t see the rares often. I saw my first CB silver in years yesterday. But it’s nice to have valuables to work for. 

  4. They're not doing enough is the issue (or really anything for the issue they don't cut the queue in half they just reorganize it. I did miss that comment though thank you good to know! 😊


    I think all the ideas could work, but the basic, simple and preferred solution is to hire more mods specifically for descriptions.

  5. 1. I do kind of like this idea - sure there is potential for spam but in all honesty, I don't see freeing up some of the current limits as a bad thing really. If you have a censor filter in place for any bad words, slang, etc similar to what naming has then I don't see it as truly damaging. Yeah I get the whole lore and stuff but like, I don't know it seems kind of unreasonably limiting. To the point where it hindering stuff like descriptions (months in a queue is a little silly.)

    2. I would like this, honestly. What's the point in user review if they don't do anything really? Granted I have a few odd ones at times that don't add anything but most of the time I see accepts. 


    Or really, simply recruit more mods to review descriptions if the backlog is this large. I can understand a week or two for queues, but months clearly means you have more workload than you have sufficient mods and or volunteers. 


    And no offense, just because someone takes inspiration from another site doesn't mean this site can't accommodate a similar feature. Some sites grow on ideas from others in new and unique ways. (also this is descriptions so. That point is little so insignificant here this isn't killing the site or disrupting the entire gameplay. We do need a better system for descriptions. And tkaing inspiration from other sites to maybe help solve the issue is not a bad thing. Humans only think in so many ways.)

  6. @DragonLady86


    The reason why I don't consider it a solid reason why an idea can't work is simple and has many reasons. 

    • You seem to be under the idea that this is something you HAVE to join in. You don't have to. Nobody is forcing you to change your ways. It is an optional system. If it's not your cup of tea, just don't try to work towards achievements. It's not limiting anything, not even removing anything for christ's sake - it adds on to the game. This line of logic makes no sense. You don't have to buy from the market, and it's still there. I don't usually. I'm not forced to go buy in the market, but I have the option. And I don't choose to. 
    • Completionist is a subjective term. Does this apply to badges? To dragons? To sprites? To certain lineages? What does this mean to YOU? Because it might mean something else to someone else. And again, your way of playing isn't the only way to play this game, so you can't say your idea trumps other's playstyles. How is that fair? This game isn't made for you specifically. 
    • Stop automatically assuming you know what people think. You don't. And again, it's not a requirement you can keep playing how you want all day long. And a lot of the suggestions it's nearly impossible to not achieve. A lot of the badges wouldn't require more than minimal efforts, A.K.A playing the game. 
    • Effort. Isn't. A. Bad. Concept. Rewarding people for putting a little extra effort into a game isn't unhealthy. Technically we already have an effort based mechanic in this game, and people find it very rewarding and thrilling to participate in. This game isn't a zero effort game, in reality, this would just make the effort side a little more pronounced and reward people a little more. 

    I don't want to see this argument again in this thread, because it will ultimately keep going back and forth with no resolution between people who aren't willing to even try to compromise and people who are actively trying to find possible solutions to your problem. Say you don't like it and give maybe a few ideas we can work with that might make the suggestion work with how you play, or leave it at that. I'm not going to continue arguing with people over the same point, because it's the same exact thing every time. It's redundant and a waste of time. If you find this unfair, oh well. I haven't seen very much add anything in favor of this current argument that isn't just a repeat over and over and over again. So. I'm leaving it at that and ignoring any more comments without anything new to add. 




    You keep tunnel-visioning on two of the hardest, RNG based mechanics in the game. The topic of this thread does not say "Add rewards for Zombie and GoN's". In fact, I just updated the thread again to help clarify a few things. Please read the updated front post. Just because one specific part of an idea doesn't work in your opinion, doesn't mean the entire idea is bad. Please think of the bigger picture. 




    I forgot to address the BSA portion of the Reward breeds I apologize. While I think it is a neat concept, I think that actually might be a little unhealthy for the gameplay as a whole. New breeds, a few extra shards in the pocket, and easier access to Prize dragons are one thing - but adding BSA boost types of things would make it unfair in the grand scheme of things in a way I don't think is really necessary. Because certain rewards would be tied to certain things, that would mean people have to do specific things to earn those BSAs and that might be a little too unreasonable. 

  7. One of the options in the vouchers isn't selectable. The final one to be specific. 


    I also thought I donated an actual egg beyond vouchers, but I did have a goof up so if i didn't that's fine. (I just want to be sure i didnt miss it before gifting the egg out elsewhere 4G guardian with salts)


    Good luck to everyone though! lots of beautiful prizes!


  8. As someone who has over 1k Turpentines and has created a wall twice, it takes me several hours to create a wall. It's not an easy task and not something I would ever enjoy doing on a weekly basis. That's absurd and tiring and I don't see walls that frequently enough to think it warrants any action. Like, doing the wall with my 1K dragons is a miserable and daunting task it takes at least four hours to do. You really don't have to worry about it being an everyday thing - making walls sucks and while the outcome is indeed fun, the journey is brutal. And I breed turpentines. The absolute worst to breed. 

    So I don't see any reason to waste time and effort trying to fix something that honestly, it's as frequent as you think and isn't really as fun for the people making them as you might think. 

  9. Based on the suggestion, I'm presuming you're not required to do the challenge. Once the "Challenge shuffle" cooldown is met, I'm assuming it would generate a random set (maybe x amount at a time) that could potentially be the one you're looking for. That's kinda what I'm assuming works with the challenge thing, which gives you the option to not do what it gives you and wait until one you want to do appears. Correct me if I'm wrong though OP, that's the vibe I was kinda getting from it. 


    It's not so much the golds, but the change in ratios due to the sudden hike in golds in circulation. It's just an example to explain and support the idea being presented. What's the point in getting a shimmer that's almost never going to produce a gold shimmer? Prizekin are very nice indeed, but I know a lot of people are going to actually want prizes from them. And again, I think this all is dependent on if the three colors have their own individual ratios or if they all simply fall under "shimmerscale" or "tinsel". If they all fall under the same breed in terms of their ratios and rarity and such, then I think I'd be more down for people being able to choose what they wish to pursue with this type of system. 


    Otherwise, with this system then the golds are going to have to take a lot longer than bronzes and silvers IF we want to allow people to choose. As long as it is a lot more work to get golds than silvers than bronzes, then I think I'd support a system that allowed you to choose which to pursue. I would only support the ability to chose so long as the Gold are harder than Silver, and the Silver harder than bronze to achieve. They are intended to be rarer based on how they are raffled - and I don't think this should be changed. 

  10. The problem with just. Letting you choose is that you do need to preserve the rarities. It's a lot healthier for the ratios, I think if people get them based on the rarities they are intended to be (but again, i'm not sure if Gold/Silver/Bronze has separate chances to breed true or not I'm really not sure). I think if they don't has separate breeding chances then it would be a more feasible idea. But as they're saying above, when a mass amount of people bought CB golds the prices jumped. So if a bunch of people all worked and got gold at the same time, that wouldn't be too healthy for the ratios I think. With this idea, while there still is a bit of RNG, you are at least guaranteed a prize dragon - which is a lot better than the currently only RNG based system in place. 

  11. Golds are meant to be the rarest, with Silvers following and finally bronze. Allowing people to pick can skew the ratios potentially (I'm not sure if they breed along the idea that gold produce less frequently than silvers, which produce less frequently than Bronze) or not. I'm sure someone knows. 

    Also thanks for clarifying! I wouldn't have liked the idea if it had a time limit, but being able to switch after a cooldown is a nice option I think. Maybe challenges with bronzes are more likely to appear than silver or gold? I don't think it's unfair that golds would be less likely to appear than silvers, and silvers bronze. That's how rarities work you have to accept that. Things don't just get common because you want them to. Some things are meant to be rarer, to establish a difference in value. It's just something that you're going to have to live with unfortunately as disappointing as it'd be not to work towards the one you want (And yes I understand it would suck, but you can't change rarities just because you want to)

  12. I definitely understand what you're getting at. I don't think "reward" breeds as we should maybe call them, would be a bad thing. The problem with CB Prizes and GoNs are exactly the same thing (with GoNs having that extra hybrid disadvantage of course): luck based. Unlike these two, these "reward" dragons would be a lot more obtainable for people and would be capable of breeding true. I can acknowledge the problems with the current specials, but we don't necessarily have to apply the same rules our current "special" dragons follow. Nobody said that would be the case, so I don't think the idea of "Reward" breeds is as bad as you're thinking. 


    And again, I'm going to address "gameplay discriminating", and I think we should really stop bringing this up because gameplay is subjective, how people play can vary tremendously (there's someone who only collects green dragons for crying out loud and we don't stop and only make green dragons do we? No.). It is extremely unrealistic and hindering to expect everything to accommodate for every single playstyle out there. It's simply not feasible, doesn't take in to account the multiple of other playstyles that could exist that COULD work with the suggestion, and quite frankly it's growth hindering. This is not a reason to say flat out say no to an idea, especially one that is very clearly trying to accommodate with the many other options. If you feel that your playstyle isn't being accommodated, try to offer suggestions and badge options that might actually work with how you play. This is an idea that can have many, many different available options. This might sound super harsh, but I don't want to spend half this thread with complaints on "my playstyle doesn't work with this" when we've set out a foundation to expand upon that CAN potentially work with what you'd like if you actually offer suggestions and tell us what you might be looking for. I'm sorry if this sounds mean, I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm trying to shut you out of here (I'm not, rather I'm asking you to offer potential ideas that might help with the issue of not really working with how you play the game), but it's an unproductive line of reasoning with an idea that has already changed to try to work with more of the site and it's many, many current gameplay mechanics (and potentially new ones). Tell us what your playstyle is, tell us what you enjoy what you do, and maybe we can work in suggestions for achievements that would fall in line with that. I just find it unfair to assume your playstyle is the determining factor as to why this can't work when it's not the only one. You can't speak for everyone and their playstyles, so this argument does not really hold that much weight. 


    I think with this idea implemented, I don't think we should tie it to the encyclopedia simply because of what Moonshark mentioned. It should be a system that everyone starts at 0 together as. Kind of like how the encyclopedia didn't count any dragons acquired pre-encyclopedia? Everyone starts at the same point and has the potential to progress at the same rate or at whatever pace works for them. 


    As for badge suggestions, I don't think it's unreasonable to have super difficult ones really like the zombie one. Maybe keep the number low (1 zombie, 2, 3). The rewards would match up to the difficulty of the achievement. The harder it is, the more luxurious the reward would be. But obviously Zombies wouldn't have an insane number like 50, I think 1, 2 or 3 range is a perfectly acceptable number. Maybe 1 - 5 - 10 ? Or maybe 1 - 3 - 6? I don't know what a reasonable number would be, I have two zombies myself (and at one point three). The more common dragons would have higher requirements, while the rarer have a lot lower. The number would be based on the intended rarity of the breed I suppose, which is a little difficult to pinpoint. 





  13.  I like the idea though. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to accommodate every single playstyle. It's just not possible. I like the idea, and it's not like you're being forced  to do this. Nor would it be the only outlet for prize dragons I assume (raffles). And honestly  the way this is phrased? It seems like it supports casual play as well as plenty of other playstyles. You may not get it as fast if you don't dedicate your time to it, but I can see most people achieving this eventually.