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  1. 2G silver from alt sweetling Hoping for a swap or a nice alt sweetling checker. PM for lines I am interested in! That was fast! Thank you for the swap!
  2. Your 4th gen pink's mother is a sibling to the one I have right now Lilysally: If you want the black right now, no problem, you can make a black when you can. Tho to be sure, what are your alts? I might already have their kids on my scroll.
  3. I currently have 3 3rd gen checker alt-lineage hatchlings that I'd like to swap for similar lines or 2nd gens to build mates further down the line. Have a look and send me a PM if you like what you see! 1. Pink checker with old pink grandmothers. This one will probably be near to impossible to match 2. Black checker no alt blacks in the line. 3. Gold checker with a name code! Will name mom as soon as I think of a good name for her! I'd really like a metal swap on the gold; the others can be different common checkers or 2nd gens. I don't like albinos or dorsals, so I obviously won't be accepting any of those!
  4. This thread fell asleep for Halloween, let's wake it up a bit! I managed to breed a 2G gold and I am looking for a swap. PM me first to make sure your offer isn't already related to my scroll!
  5. I don't call it an encyclopedia. I call it an empty notebook. One I have technically already filled quite a bit over the years via the notes on my scroll from the dragons I have already collected. But they don't count and my encyclopedia will never be 'right" since it is telling me I have ZERO of a breed when I have hundreds of them. If I want to know something extra about a dragon, I will just go to the Wiki, which has info available when I am actually needing it--yanno, when I am looking for it. I know eventually my personal DC encyclopedia will fill up as I collect more dragons, and wow, so what. I am very unlikely to ever bother to go back there to look around because of the shenanigans involved in making it useful to begin with. This should have been called something other than an encyclopedia, which implies it is a collection of information that is readily available. It should have been called something like the Secret Tomes, which does connote a need for a bit of work to "unlock" added info. I know this is a click site, and I accepted that when I signed up to collect dragons. Each halloween and Spring, I agree to extra clicking to gather candy and eggs. This encyclopedia? Nope, not going to bother.
  6. I really do not see the appeal of having to click click click on things that you already have just to get the chance to click and click some more. Encyclopedia is the perfect name for this all right--it reminds me of those scam subscriptions to buy a set of books but after you signed up, the list never ends and you keep getting a new title each month. I don't consider having a cache of info about the dragons to be a game, if that is what this is supposed to be. It is a very obvious ploy to increase clicking, which is slowing down the site considerably. This is a feature I will be using even less than "earthquake" (which I never use).
  7. Okay, let's try again, and hopefully I will be able to stay online long enough to check for trade offers! Swaps wanted for these 2 alt sweet checkers: Black stripe 3rd gen Black 3rd gen Any other alt sweet checker will do; would really like one with pinks!
  8. My apologies to anyone who offered on my silver--I was unable to get back to my computer in time and she grew up! My dragons will be ready to try again in a day--I hope to be able to swap with you!
  9. Got it! Thank you! I have an alt stripe line already, so this will make a nice mate! I have this 3G checker silver with alt sweets up for a swap. Looking for another alt sweet checker that I can use or like
  10. Offered an AP egg! Would you like a different checker later on? My boys were uncooperative this week.
  11. Have: 3rd EG gold checker with alt sweetlings Looking for bloodswap: another 3rd gen gold from all alt sweetlings. Willing to consider other offers as long as it contains a 2nd gen gold/silver from alt sweetling. Please send a PM if interested. Also, as an FYI, my 2 CB alts made no eggs this week and the rest of my checker lines decided to have an eggless romp as well.
  12. I managed to pick up 2nd gen alt sweetlings with gold, silver, stripe and black mates, so I am on the hunt for matching 2nd gen mates and eventual 3rd gen checker mates. If anyone can help out, please send me a PM to work out sweetling lineage exchanges. Both my sweetlings decided to make nothing this week but eventually they will make something, so let me know what all you need!
  13. In my recent quest to get the blacks from alts, I've discovered most of the other alt owners own way better stuff than I do, so my collection of prizes and metals won't cut it for breeding as exchanges. I am hoping with the V-day restriction lifted, the handful of alt 2nd gens I managed to get so far, and the names on this thread, I will be able to entice more people to come out of the woodowork. My 5th gen shimmer isn't good enough, but maybe that alt checker with silvers will catch someone's attention! I also will of course breed 2Gs in exchange, as well as anything in my projects at any stage. I really think with this renewed alt interest and all these alt owners showing up again, there is an incredible opportunity for all our projects!
  14. I can make you one of these, Wookie, if you'd like: 4th gen magi with alt base I can make a sibling to the 3rd gen father as well.
  15. I seem to have completely missed this thread as well! Please count me in! I've been working on alt sweetling lines for a while (up until now of course they have been 1st gen only). I have lines mixed with silvers, golds, marrows, blacks, reds, pinks, daydreams...but the black and marrow lines are my favorites. My husband has a 2nd gen alt already and made an alt/marrow checker at Halloween that looks amazing. He will be breeding them again for Valentine's to make a sweetling. Anyway, feel free to contact me for swaps and if you can help me with my monster lineage project where I am trying to get as many CB alts as I can collected into one even gen all-black line. I am up to 7th gen so far!
  16. I have some silver eggs for new players who don't have a silver dragon yet! PM me please.
  17. Sarcastra

    Glomp Gifting

    Xythus --> Sarcastra: 3rd gen black with alt sweetling base for my lineage project Many many thanks!
  18. I'm back with more BSA hatchlings! This time I have 3 reds and a magi. Send me a PM if you have room on your scroll and need these guys!
  19. I have a total of SIX BSA hatchlings ready for a quick adoption! There are 3 magi, 1 purple, and 2 pink to pick from. Some are CB or 2nd gen...others are, well, they will get the job done! Send me a PM if you'd like some of these hatchlings. A few of them are getting close to growing up, so be quick! No need to be officially registered in this thread to ask for them--just looking for new players who can benefit from these BSA dragons!
  20. Just my 2 cents that I am getting the "too laggy" message when I try to add a scroll. I will keep playing around to provide as much info as possible.
  21. I like this idea for breeding, and we already have that. The sunrise/sunsets, glory drakes..and the sprites that change at night, the nocturnes. This is more a game play suggestion and not really a blocking solution. Like the post above, making certain breeds drop only at certain times would result in different sets of blockers. And there is the timing issue as well.
  22. All my plans pretty much are gone with the wind of Hurricane Sandy. I only just now got my power and internet back. My husband didn't quite get all his treats this year, but he isn't too upset. We are both really happy to see the drop has been postponed so we have a shot at this year's holiday dragons. I wanted to post this to the Halloween thread, but I see that they both were closed. So here it is--Thanks so much for trying to make this game not only enjoyable, but as fair as possible by giving consideration to those of us caught in the storm's path.
  23. Thank you everyone! The response to this request was outstanding and I am now egg locked! I have a very simple request, something very easy for just about anyone to make: I am on the hunt for 2nd gens from Male earth/pebbles and Female purple horses, like so: I will take either egg, but right now I could really use the purple horses (I have 8 pebbles and only 4 mates!) Please send me a PM if you would like to help me out! Willing to trade for these eggs, just ask! Thanks in advance!