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Always on the hunt for alt sweetling checkers. Please PM to see what I need!

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I will always answer a private message, so feel free to contact me!eoc_button.gif

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    I am always on the lookout for blacks descended from alt sweetlings. Prefer 2nd gens, but will take any *even* gen as long as it is not related to ones I already own.

    If you have an alt sweetling that is not on the list below, PLEASE CONTACT ME!! I will do what I can to make a trade with you (just please don't ask for CB metals, I can't catch them for myself, let alone to trade away!)

    List of alt sweetlings I already have black eggs from:
    8Bat tried to run
    Alt King Ozai
    Alt Prince Zuko
    Asat Ki ZaN
    Blackened Red
    Broken Heart on Valentine's Day
    C Valentine La Valentino
    C Valentine's Valentino
    Celestial Valentine Day Massacre
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
    Dante Sparda of DMC
    Dark Valentine Seiyjy
    Dark Valentine Soebus
    Darth Valentinus
    DT - Valentine's Day Gift
    Earn Heart
    Eating Valentine's Candies Alone
    Emo  Prince
    Eternal Valentine
    Evor the Dark li-sa
    Gra Thabhairt of Eire
    Heartbreaker Nepenthe
    I Rarely Hug
    Leader of the Black Parade
    Licorice Love
    Lost Valentine
    Love Makes Sweet Music
    Radar  Love
    Rare Seduction
    Rusiano De Artius
    SAD Cuppycake
    Saint Valentine's Sweetling
    Sanguine Love
    Sexy Bitter Chocolate
    Soxcel the Dark li-sa
    Sugar Heart Wolf
    Sweetness Bitters
    The Admiral's Dress Blacks
    The Knave of Hearts
    The Naughty Sweetling
    The Phantom Heart
    Twisted Heart
    Vabeyo Ki ZaN
    Valens Valentino
    Valentine's Waltz
    Victor's Secret
    Wayward Valentine

    child of http://dragcave.net/lineage/QtTeT from Escapistlore
    2G red from alt sweet from Sir Barton

    My scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/StCanardOrphanage