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  1. Almost all of mine are hatched.
  2. I used to like that song at first. Until I heard it so many times it started scaring me. I'm kinda scared of this: Even though it's the intro song for my favourite TV show it scares me to the bone. It really does.
  3. Twilight probably. It's sad how they ruined the idea of vampires with both the books and the movies. I'm surprised I even liked it until I got to New Moon. Maybe the idea wasn't that bad, but what I saw in the movies ruined it all for me. And now for a seriously sad book. Gone with the wind. I read it to write a book report last year and it was so so so sad. I refused to read anything for days. :'(
  4. I don't like Family Guy. At all. I seriously dislike that show. And also Dexter. A friend told me to watch it and I couldn't get further than the first couple of episodes. It's a bit much for me.
  5. Basically everything from the good old Cartoon Network. I'm sad that era is over now, these new cartoons are just... creepily bad.
  6. changing the baby's diaper? Maybe it could work...
  7. Thank you all for helping with unlocking zombies. I didn't know it was so easy to do it and that it happens so quickly.
  8. Stomach cramps, I'm on my period.
  9. Croissant with strawberry jam filling.
  10. So, to get a zombie dragon on Halloween you have to kill it and try to revive it. If I wanted to get one, would I have to kill it on the very day of Halloween and try to revive it at once, or kill it a couple of days before Halloween and then try?
  11. I clicked on an alpine egg and caught it!!! But also I have a misclick.
  12. I don't see any there and it makes me really sad. I want to have two from each biome.
  13. I gave away my extra eggs from the volcano and desert to try and get alpines, but none are there.
  14. Caught my six and I'm done with this color!
  15. I caught five so far, but none are from the alpine... I don't even see any new eggs there. I have a great connection so they aren't SO HARD to catch in the desert and volcano, they were dropping there just fine. But no eggs in the alpine.
  16. Are there no new release eggs in the alpine? I haven't even seen one there yet.
  17. Caught my first brown, yeeeey!
  18. I have 54 neglected babies left to see, but how do I find them faster? I don't know how many players know how to experiment with these.
  19. They have wings like fairies and I'm in love with them! I think silvers are the prettiest, but I want a whole army of these on my scroll!
  20. Thank you rubyshoes, that's really helpful. As for littleblackdog's scroll... oh, my! Unlocked all the chickens. If anyone ever cooks anything with chicken for me, I'll kill them!
  21. I bred my two stripes and they didn't refuse, but lately they haven't given me a single egg. The ones I got from them earlier were the wrong color, but at least I'd get an egg. For the last three breedings I get nothing. How much does fertility help?
  22. I'd like to know something. How can zombie babies grow wings if they are dead? I thought you had to kill a hatchling with wings to have such a dragon.
  23. Thank you so much for these! I'd unlock chickens, but littleblackdog hid their scroll so it may take a while.