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  1. A while ago I heard something about the snow angels and their wings, can you now have more than one wing type on your scroll at the same time?
  2. Yeah, mum made us start watching. I like Tyrion a lot, he's cool. As for women I liked Margaery, but she's in jail. I feel really sorry for Sansa though.
  3. Summertime sadness; Lana Del Rey
  4. I found collections of fairy tales by the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen that I read when I was bored, and I was really surprised by most of them. Call me a crybaby, but I think that the original little mermaid is really sad.
  5. I used to like them before, but not now. I also used to like Miley Cyrus and her songs from the Disney era. They were more normal and had a really nice sound and lyrics, but now she is just revolting to even see. Do I have to say that I turned the tv off when they played the vma's over and over again? :S
  6. It's wonderful but I can't go outside. :'(
  7. Sweet waffles. I couldn't eat anything else.
  8. I'm sick for almost ten days now. I can barely breathe because I caught a heavy cold, and I had a fever for three days before mum went to Copenhagen. She's worried sick and keeps calling both me and my sister to ask if I'm feeling better. I hate it when she's worried and I can't make her feel better. And I could use some tea. I hope we have wild cherry left.
  9. Hey, does anyone know how many levels a pet needs to have to fully grow up? I'd like to take more but I have no room in my signature.
  10. Looks like I'll wait for my beloved silvers to drop for a while.
  11. Easy, a unicorn! Or at least a horse, I'm obsessed with horses.
  12. Jewelry, as much as I can find. Especially if it has pearls, I love pearls. I want it all!
  13. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GJ1Ch - why hello, you little rebel! She was supposed to be a he.
  14. My brown lunars are all hatched, two grew up, two have wings, and the other two still need some time.
  15. Five eggs and a misclick. Not bad, but I can't wait for the silver eggs, they are the prettiest to me.
  16. When senior year of high school started and I sat behind my desk as usual, I noticed that I couldn't see anything on the blackboard clearly even though I wasn't sitting that far away from it, but still not close enough to see it as I should. I though it was weird because that never happened to me before, and no one in my family but my grandma is wearing glasses. Not even she had problems with her eyes when she was young, it came with her old age. I went to the eye doctor with mum for a checkup and he told me that my dioptry is -0.5 on my left eye and -1.75 on the right. That's when I started wearing glasses, but I like contact lenses better because I'm still not used to see myself with them in the mirror. But sometimes I have to, when my eyes are a bit more dry when I don't sleep enough because the lenses irritate me a little despite the artificial tears.
  17. I have the two in my signature, aren't they just cute?
  18. Ice cream that grandpa brought when he came to visit.
  19. All the names from my favorite TV shows were available so far.
  20. All but one of my brown eggs hatched and all the names I wanted for them were free.