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  1. ^ Maybe a hydrating lotion or facial cream... I use the Nivea hydrating lotion, it helps. smile.gif I also have very dry skin on my face, that must be why I never had so much acne.

    Anyway, I recently realized that I want to learn how to do the eyeliner thing and... let's say that it's not going so well for me. Kinda like this:


    user posted image


    Remind me not to experiment with this on my first day of college, people.

  2. My father died in a motorcycle accident when I was 14.

    That's too bad. I'm sorry about that. Mine almost died in that kind of accident when I was 8 and I'm grateful every day that he's still alive. wub.gif

    My grandpa who lived in Greece died four years ago. My sister and I never met him and never got to know what he looked like because he lived there since before we were born, but he'd call us from time to time and we miss that a lot sometimes. sad.gif And I know it's not family, but it felt that way. My classmate died in school when she was 13, she just fell on the floor and someone found her lying dead in the school halls. Nobody knows why. user posted image

  3. So, my first year in college is starting at the end of this month and I'm kinda excited about it. I mean, because I really wanted to study pharmacy. I had chemistry on my entrance exam and most questions were pretty easy because I practiced it for months with a lot of help, so I figured it out pretty well. smile.gif I should wait for the first week in college to pass so I can know what books to buy and study from, and based by what I saw on the college website there's gonna be a lot of them. It wasn't so hard to get on the budget but I was really stressed until I was sure I got in. Having inorganic chemistry doesn't sound too bad since I know it pretty well, but this is college and it's gonna be more complex so I'm a bit worried how far it will go. And I hope that my best friend and I get to be in the same group, other than her I don't know anyone there. sad.gif Most of my classmates wanted psychology or languages.