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  1. I finally have a zombie, so if anyone needs one to click: http://dragcave.net/view/ipYZ
  2. I think I made them all, I did it so many times I don't think I missed a single combo.
  3. Five kills this year and only one zombie. I'm so sad for killing four females. I'm definitely gonna make fodders next year.
  4. Three more dragons to weep over. While trying to get a female zombie three females died and desintegrated. :'(
  5. Just finished sorting my dragons, yeeeey!
  6. Thanks so much!!! I renamed it after I saw that it was a success. The best part is that it was my first ever try to get a zombie.
  7. My striped female died when I tried to turn her into a zombie and desintegrated. :'(
  8. After so much hesitating and second thoughts, I decided to take the chance and kill one of my vampires to try to get a zombie because I saw so many people having good luck, and... LOOK AT THIS!!! http://dragcave.net/view/ipYZ
  9. http://dragcave.net/view/ipYZ - DEAR GOD, A ZOMBIE!!!! One female striped desintegrated, and one was back from the dead as herself. I'm super sad about the one who didn't even come back to life. :'(
  10. Cuddle it, and cuddle it a lot. A spider?
  11. One does not simply run off into the sunset into Mordor.
  12. Oh, my, because I started college this year I totally forgot to make zombie fodders and try to get some!!! Now I feel too sorry for my dragons to kill any of them. I guess I can try next year. So this year I'm only gonna collect these. I love the eggs!
  13. http://dragcave.net/view/Jy2KZ - oh, how I wish that she could sparkle forever.
  14. http://dragcave.net/view/zyjWW / oh, my, I got my Edward Cullen!
  15. I finally breed a green striped from the desired pair... it auto-abandoned. :'(
  16. Guess what? My stripes didn't produce a green, again, or even worse, no egg at all!
  17. Amazed. How did my squiby pets level up that much so quickly?
  18. Gloomy and chilly, really feels like fall.