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  1. I can't get past the second command, examine note. What now?
  2. -> inspired by this song I named my frill "I Love Cheap Frills", is that OK?
  3. Got so many amazing names for my first ever frills!!! ~ I'm So Frilled To Be Back ~ Frilled To Meet You All ~ I Love Cheap Frills ~ Let's Go Watch A Friller
  4. Instagram Her + I finally named my frills.
  5. I now finally have two bright pinks and two frills. I'm so happy I could cry!!!! :')
  6. I wish the new eggs and the old returned eggs could drop often enough for everyone to grab after the first batches hatch, there's no way to get them all today!!!
  7. I have 2 extra pink eggs that keep me from going after frills but I can't dump them because they are a gift.
  8. People, I can't send mails to anyone on here. When I try it says that I sent one 15 minutes ago, but I know that I never did. What's wrong?
  9. Did anyone get a frill yet? They are, like, impossible to catch!
  10. I CAUGHT MY FIRST EVER BRIGHT PINK OMG OMG!!!!!!! I was hoping to see them again for so long and now they're back, and so are the frills! I was so sad that I didn't catch them while they were first here, but now they're back and I'm so happy!!!
  11. They look so beautiful, I need tons of them!
  12. I saw an almandine and missed it... :'(
  13. How much can you get for a xeno egg these days?
  14. Hello and happy Easter everyone!! Already caught some.
  15. No, they'll be on forever. OMG, I love the orange one!!! I can't wait to catch mine!
  16. http://dragcave.net/lineage/6XnBg / yep, still creation.
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/zOqqh / another proof that angry aegis give us white stripes.
  18. http://dragcave.net/lineage/2suHo - my sister got me addicted to star wars and this is what I got now.
  19. I finally did it!!! And I did it to both just to see all the messages. Once the egg is gone, I'll pacify the other. This one will stay this way.
  20. I was so happy when I completed the game, I HAVE A KITTY!!! MEOW! And I love the knitting dragon so much I had to put it in my sig. :3