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  1. I have successfully Summoned my first Guardian of Nature Dragon three days ago after 2 months of trying. I used my Male Magma.
  2. I can't WAIT! I'm so excited that they've finally made a 3D handheld Pokemon game. I knew this would happen at some point. I want the Frog Starter!
  3. I literally just got one. It's a Tsunami Wyvern. It's up for grabs
  4. 3/4 Bites have killed my eggs, however, I did successfully turn an Egg and it let me keep it.
  5. Does anybody wanna have a Pokemon battle sometime? c:
  6. Awesome, I don't know the others, but congrats Murder!
  7. That would be awesome. Mine are a pain Wishes: 1. To be able to breathe fire (It'd be cool) 2. I don't hear the people who annoy me voice's. So it's kinda like a mute button on them. 3. I can stick to surfaces like Spider-Man Yeah I didn't want to do the cliche money wish.
  8. I'm not the only one then? I can be thinking of a certain Spongebob episode, and later on in the day it will be on. I tried with other shows too and it worked.
  9. I almost don't have the emotion of anger. My tolerance for peoples sh*t is extremely high. Not a super-power at all. I'm with you on that Qwackie. I never smile at all. Only a few people can make me smile, but that's because they're funny.
  10. not very special sense it is a psychological thing.
  11. I saw my brother push a tape dispenser without touching it aka telekinesis. I pushed someone down with telekinesis. No clue how we did it. Not like I can do it again.
  12. Trainer: The male trainer in Heart Gold and Soul Silver Pokemon: Shiny Feraligatr Direction: Right
  13. I can get one when I turn 17 in a few months, but my parents would have to say it's okay. My mom is a Christian, but she knows my views about Christianity, so she'll say it's okay.
  14. I'd probably just get a 666 tattoo on my wrist or something. My brother has 3: On his left bicep, it is a Spartan warrior. On his right bicep, it has a skull with a banner going through it's eyes that says Death before Dishonor. Below it, it says warrior in a cool font.
  15. X'D Thanks. *claps* ALL GLORY TO THE HYPONTOAD *claps* I really like your Masquerade picture. Makes me think of Bioshock.
  16. You're welcome and thanks Almighty Tallest was requested by my lover.
  17. It's in my signature. I uploaded 6 pictures today. I have shiny Cyndaquil as well there. looks really good.
  18. I think it will be funny and good. They would never make Bender nice.
  19. Hells_Deity


    (doubt this is a duplicate) Good news everyone! Futrama is coming back on June 21st, 2010 on Comedy Central! This is a thread to talk about Futrama.