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  1. I grabbed a stone in the volcano biome, and there was a cheese behind it. ;-; I've also missed every single holiday since joining. Oh, me.
  2. Thanks, Ruby! I hadn't seen one when searching, which kind of shocked me. Oh well. @dustpuppy: That's pretty neat. I don't think I could muster enough patience to do that! As for inbreeding, I'm not exactly keen on it. But I would never kill or release any dragons.
  3. Okay, so we have an entire section of the forums dedicated to very specific lineages, but what about the lineages with dragons of nearly color that were bred just to have been bred? Personally, I think that they can even be neater to look at than the lineage project dragons. What do you think about messy lineages? You can even post your own messy lineages, if you like. I've got quite a few myself. ...Although I could argue that several of those linked are or may be offspring from one of those special lineages. It seems that the line between "messy" and "special" is quite blurred, no?
  4. I also find this idea to be interesting. As for moss'd dragons with a BSA, what if it had both, but on the same timer? Seeing as the usual BSAs have a week-timer, it would share a timer with the BSA dragons that have a week-long timer, like Reds, Pinks, ect. Since the other BSA dragons' abilities are special, like bite or summon, and don't exactly effect a scroll like Earthquake would, it seems reasonable (to me). Speaking of vamps, how would that work? Would a bitten egg retain the moss? Would there be a small percent chance that the moss goes away? EDIT: 'd twice o.o
  5. Currently breeding for a shiny Rufflet. I'm not big into IVs, so if anybody wants a specific one and I just happen to get one, throw me a PM. I try to check the forums daily. Really, I'm going to be shiny breeding for my three favorite Flying-types of Swellow, Braviary, and Pidgeot. So whenever I get a Rufflet, I will progress to the next, and so on.
  6. Oh neat, an update. Thanks, TJ! The more work done on the site the better it gets. The overpopulated/underpopulated stuff is pretty cool, albeit that I'm not the breeding type.
  7. Thank you for confirming that for me! I'll make sure I do my part to make the Dorkface lineage shine.
  8. Lurker here with a question! I had gotten this egg/hatchling a little bit ago, and I just now looked at the lineage today. The lineage is huuuuge! I spotted a Dorkface in there, though, and the Dorkface's lineage is a descendant, but is my little dragon still considered a Dorkface even with the long lineage? If somebody answers this I'd be really happy!
  9. Okay, so now I'm pretty happy. Snagged up an orange a minute or two ago.
  10. Of course, I return to Dragon Cave a few days ago and now there's new ones! D: I'm fine with waiting. Patience is a virtue, after all.
  11. Hope these guys keep mass dropping 'till at least tomorrow. Don't want to scavenge for 'em when my scroll unlocks.
  12. It's awesome that come back here from hiatus and there's already a new release. Can't wait until my scroll unlocks!