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  1. Forum name: Kizzikins PM link: Well, this is embarrassing. I don't remember how to get this link....press the button on this message? List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: -CB Ribbon Dancers: Royal Holiday Ribbon and Bailarina de la Cinta -CB Winter Magi: Spirit of the Aurora and Espiritu de la Navidad -CB Wrapping Wings: Envoltura Brillante and Cascabeles -CB Solstice: Ekleiptikos and Wintry Night's Light -CB Mistletoe: Wintry Boughs and Misodendroceae -CB Aegis: Winter's Eden ---All CBs can be bred to mate of choice (except Cb Silver or Gold as I don't have those). If you have a mate in mind but it is unnamed, just let me know and I can name it. -2G Yulebuck (x Val'09): Peppermint Valentine can make a 3rd gen checker with Holiday Confection or Wintry Affection, or can breed to a different mate of choice Have multiple other 2Gs, but currently no mates for them to create checkers. I will happily make stairs, spirals, or a-non checker EG if requested, however. I will add them to this list as I go through and name them. I also have a handful of staircase Hollies that I will breed upon request. If it's a holiday and on my scroll, I will gladly breed it for you! I will remove names as they are bred! List of Christmas Dragons I need: - Honestly I just want to help with lineages however possible! Not looking for anything in particular. I am eternally on a hunt for 2g Holly, preferably from white, golden wyvern, or stripe but any will do; or a 3rd gen checker Holly. But I don't expect those for trade and will gladly breed to gift and help contribute to pretties!
  2. So I finished the event, but only have 22 items. Wut?
  3. Squee! Finally, some success from my projects.... This little eggy has been the source of much relief for me. I was beginning to think that I would NEVER get a red or blue out of my 2G stripes. I got lots of blacks and greens. Now I just need to start building up a mate for him! And I am beyond excited to say that I got a 5G Tsunami egg from my Tri Horned Wyvern x Tsunami checker!!!!!! Squeeeee! I'm still working on creating a mate for him...my dragons are decidedly stubborn about producing another 4G Tsunami...
  4. Pretty pink and gold checker.... That was fast!
  5. Yippee! Finally got the right eggies to make two 4th gens for my Tri Horn x Tsunami checker. Now hoping that they gender right and don't refuse... Hoping that these two like each other and that he will work for her!
  6. Does anyone have any open CB Val '09s that they'd be willing to breed? I'm looking for Val '09 x Yule and Val '09 x Gold as mates for this Yule and this Gold. I would really appreciate any help and would be very happy to breed something in return!
  7. Congrats everyone! Enjoy your new dragons. I shall just continue my hunt for a 2nd gen!
  8. That's the idea. Some very nice forts here!
  9. They create a blue.. I think they look great, and am planning to do a checker with them and red stripes from Heartseekers. Your alts are beautiful! You did such a spectacular job with these guys. <3
  10. Some say there's an army of snow kittens hiding in the trees. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Kizzikins
  11. Feel free to steal it - we can combine later! I only have two CB Solstices and two CB Heartseekers...so I will eventually need help!
  12. I kind of like the Solstices with Stripes...it's not a perfect pairing but I like it for now. I also like them with Heartseekers, but because I can't do anything with them until February, I'll settle with doing a kind of stripe checker like this.
  13. WOW! The possibilities are endless. Definitely glad I stayed up to see them. I can definitely see myself hoarding these.
  14. And I was just getting ready to begin AP hunting again! Darn....now I have to find something to do while I wait for it to come back!
  15. Gotcha! Scroll name: Kizzikins Threw a snow-ball at: Dr. Paine
  16. On the one hand, I'm thrilled because it opens up all sorts of lineage opportunities, the ability to freeze hatchies, etc. On the other hand, the competition for previous years' dragons has gotten that much harder. Hunting for Hollies, etc was supposed to get easier each year as people filled up their quotas - not anymore!
  17. No limit? How exciting! I'm hoping to catch a Holly, but after spending the last hour doing nothing but stalking the AP and clicking on Hollies, my prospects aren't looking too great. I think they're already gone by the time I see them. The event is still early, that's what I keep telling myself... The snow fort thing looks like fun!
  18. I have not seen a single CB Copper since the release. I'm glad I got enough for a pair of each then. I've seen many, many CB Silvers (not caught, but seen) and not a single Copper. Very bizarre.
  19. Anther breeding, and got another LoS egg that should have been rainbow. I'll just have to see what I end up with over time!
  20. Gone! Congrats, and thanks for letting me know!
  21. Very strange. I'll just have to try again next week and see what I get...
  22. So wait....if the rule is that color of father comes first if the egg is not CB and both parents are bred, how did this egg end up brown? I had a little plan laid out for my coppers but looks like it won't work.