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  1. aaand no new emails .. well, congrats to those with more luck =)
  2. go to the balcony, head upstairs and take the door at the side of the hallway =)
  3. one is in the living room, the other in the planetarium =)
  4. when I submitted my tree, it said that I could still change it until the 8th ... so it will show the latest version of your tree in the contest I think ... just change everything ^^ edit: or maybe you have to click the submit button again afterwards .. edit2: oh, ok... reading the post under mine, you obviously needn't resubmit it ^^
  5. When I found the TJ ornament on my tree I laughed so loud that my mother came in to look what has happened I adore those ornaments <3 the dragons, the stars ... perfect.
  6. a little question: is this a garland? ^^
  7. Oh no ... I didn't even notice Dis' post on the first page ... now I know that Day 1 was the most stupid day to not be at home and miss the ornaments .__.
  8. I wonder if the 6 eggs will be reduced to 3 again when halloween is over or if this is permanent ....
  9. oh my god -____- I really hope TJ lets those eggs be available for a few more days, cause many many people won't get even one today ...
  10. Thank you TJ ... :3 *hopes this will really take only a few minutes*
  11. I can read it :'DDDDD thanks TJ
  12. ooh *goes splashing* come here little magicarp ^^
  13. don't know if this was already posted somewhere in this thread, but WHY is there a "Beat The Haet Summer Release"-trophary !? just for fun ?
  14. I absolutely LOVE the Shallow Waters <3 Well done Marrionetta !! And the Glories are gorgeous, too, but I knew how they looked like before ^^
  15. Midnight at server time, doesn't it? edit: no, I should not try to think in sever time ^^ it doesn't work I meant 6 PM, Midnight its in my timezone I think
  16. Yes, they hatch with wings and then they grow bigger when they mature ... *desperately wants to see the goldfish and bamboo (?) adults*
  17. YAY .. one of my Night Glory Eggs has a crack ^^ in 12 hours they are all out *_*
  18. ah? why am I always the last one to hear such things ? ^^ thank you for telling me
  19. HAS ANYONE TRIED TO BREED GOLD + DEEP SEA DRAGONS to get the new orange eggs??? I noticed one of TJs eggs has the Code "G0LD" and one has "FISH", and the new egg has the same description as the deep seas .. but I can't try at the moment cause my golds all have recently bred ....
  20. *wants the new dragons* i'm curious what they will be like ^^ and the "too-many-breeds-problem": i don't know if someone has already suggested such a thing, but what about giving every mystery egg a set time, maybe 10 seconds, that it shows in the cave and can be adopted. then the egg would disappear, if nobody likes it, and others show up. because i often see that the eggs sit in the cave for ages and nobody wants them, and during this time the other breeds cannot be adopted. i think this is annoying and surely it's not only me feeling like this ...