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  1. yuck Do-si-do, the peanut butter sandwich cookie? (Girl Scouts in USA btw, IDK about the rest of the world...)
  2. Holy sacred cross of the firmament!
  3. I don't know what happened, but I was testing out my new wings!
  4. Oooh yum! Chips (or UK crisps) flavored like cheese pizza?
  5. True, and I'm actually not sure why I stopped reading... I can't remember. O.o TPBM has watched the movie called "Eragon" and/or read the book series staring with the book of the same name. -- @water_angel That's actually really cool! Thanks for telling me, I hope it comes together smashingly well! >u< )b
  6. (May I ask @water_angel how they cosplayed exactly 1 1/2 characters to go along with the other 6 characters? Or did I misread that??) I never had that question before, gave it a try, and reassured my writerly brain I do remember something of typing up those poems and stories long ago. Managed a grand total of 10 to my relief. x"D TPBM has watched the movie "Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'Hoole" at least once.
  7. I wanna try so - yum Fried gator bites (literal alligator meat)